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Increase Sales and Cross-Merchandise Magnets.

Display pre-loaded impulse strips in high traffic areas near registers for fast sales! Choose from a huge variety of our best-selling magnets. Impulse strips can be displayed almost anywhere, requiring minimal merchandise space. Shown here are some of our best-selling impulse strips. Many more are available, and just about any of our packaged magnets can be hung on an impulse strip. Please call us for more information.

A. Part No. 00390CLP12 - Colorful Ceramic Shapes, 12 packages

B. Part No. 07045CLP6 - Super Neodymium Magnet Discs, 6 packages

C. Part No. 07507CLP12 - Red, White and Blue Magnetic Push Pins, 12 packages

D. Part No. 07276CLP6 - Hold Everything Magnets, 6 packages

E. Part No. 07003CLP6 - Ceramic Disc Magnets, 6 packages

F. Part No. 07011CLP12 - Flexible Magnetic Tape, 12 packages

G. Part No. 07225CLP12 - Red Alnico Horseshoe, 12 packages

H. Part No. 07219CLP6 - Magnetic Clips, 6 packages

I. Part No. 07218CLP6 - Magnetic Handi-Hook™, 6 packages

J. Part No. 07228CLP12 - Telescoping Pickup Pointer Magnet, 12 packages

K. Part No. 07512CLP6 - Magnetic Stud Locator, 6 packages

Large Magnetic Clips Display Strip

Arranged on a 20-piece strip with display hook and includes five each of yellow, green, red and blue magnetic clips. Each clip individually UPC labeled, sold as eaches.

L. Part No. 07656

Impulse Strips of Magnets