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  • Magnetic Pick-Up Pal™
  • Telescoping Magnetic Pick-Up Pal™
  • Magnetic Pick-Up Tool Attachment
Pick-up Pal in use

Magnetic Pick-Up Pal™

Contains neodymium, the most powerful magnet material in the world. Prevent costly repairs and pick up nails, nuts, bolts, screws and scrap metal with a pull of up to 65 lbs. A sturdy, 35" steel handle reaches under vehicles, workbenches, tables, etc.

Part No. 07297 - Magnetic Pick-Up Pal™ in clamshell packaging MSRP $23.05

Part No. 07247 - Magnetic Pick-Up Pal™ MSRP $23.05

Part No. 07247DSP - Full-color corrugated display with twelve Pick-Up Pals, 16" wide x 14.5" deep.

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Telescoping Magnetic Pick-Up Pal™

Measures 24” when collapsed, but twist and extend to 40” to retrieve hard-to-reach items! Compact size allows easy storage. Use it to collect scattered screws, nuts and nails with 65 lbs. of pull. Retrieve metal tools from underneath vehicles and tables.

Part No. 07597 - Telescoping Magnetic Pick-Up Pal™ MSRP $23.05

Part No. 07547DSP - 12-Piece Telescoping Magnetic Pick-Up Pal™ Display

Telescoping Pick-Up Pal in use






















Pick-up Attachment

Magnetic Pick-Up Tool Attachment

Attach an acme-threaded standard broom handle to this pre-threaded magnetic base. Use the wing nut to adjust the handle angle to desired position. Reach tools, nuts, bolts and other ferrous metal items from underneath vehicles with ease.

Part No. 07508 - Lifts up to 65 pounds, MSRP $9.44













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