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  • Bendable Pick Up Magnets
  • Telescoping Pick Up/Pointers
  • Extendable Pick Up Magnets
  • Pocket Pick Up Magnet

Retractable Retrieving Magnet
This innovative magnetic tool can be bent and angled into crowded and congested small spaces to retrieve metal screws, nails and more. Features the following:

  • Shielded Sides - Targets pickup – won’t attract to metal surroundings until activated. Won’t attract to other tools when stored in toolbox.
  • Flexible - Snakes through difficult or confined areas such as cramped engine compartments, behind heavy equipment, down drains or heating vents. Holds shape for hard-to-reach items.
  • Plunger Handle - User can activate magnet when tool is in position for retrieval. Thermoplastic handle and round knob for sturdy grip and comfort. 23 inches long.
  • Neodymium Magnet - 2 lbs. pull.
  • Trilingual Packaging - Interactive "Try Me" design.

Part No. 07588 - MSRP $15.60


Bend-It Magnet
19 inches long. Can be bent to reach almost any location - around corners, between appliances or furniture, underneath cabinets and more. Use to retrieve lost items from dashboards, drains and vents. Neodymium magnet has 2 lbs. pull.

Part No. 07229 - MSRP $5.46



































Telescoping Pickup Pointer Magnets

Telescoping Pick Up/Pointers
Each has a powerful neodymium magnet in the tip. Great for retrieving small metal objects such as nails, screws, washers, key rings and more. Doubles as a presentation pointer with a handy pocket clip attached.

Part No. 07228 - Extends to 25", 3 lbs. pull, MSRP $4.42
Also available in 40-piece counter display (click here).

Part No. 07568 - Extends to 23", 7 lbs. pull, MSRP $6.24
Also available in 30-piece counter display (click here).


Telescoping Magnetic Pick Up/Pointer with Scribe
The top of this tool can be unscrewed to reveal a sharp tip for etching and marking. The other end extends the tool from 6" to 25”. Includes handy pocket clip.

Part No. 07565 - 3 lbs. pull. MSRP $5.72




















Lightweight Magnetic Pick Up Tools
Extend to 25" and 14" respectively. Each contains a magnetic tip made from neodymium, the strongest magnetic material available, plus a sturdy body with grip handle. Adjustable locking hinge allows access around corners or in areas where an unusual angle is necessary for object retrieval.

Part No. 07227 - Extends to 25", 5 lbs. pull, MSRP $11.44

Part No. 07256 - Extends to 14", 3 lbs. pull, MSRP $6.50

Extra Long Extendable Pick Up Magnets
Each features a vinyl handle grip, durable aluminum tubing and a powerful neodymium magnet that can retrieve screws, wrenches, screwdrivers and other items that are out of reach. Loosen knurled collar and pull to required length. Tighten collar to keep length.

Part No. 07567 - Extendable Rigid Pick Up Magnet extends from 17" to 30", 10 lbs. pull, MSRP $10.40

Part No. 07569 - Extendable/Bendable Pick Up Magnet extends from 20" to 36", 3 lbs. pull, MSRP $10.92

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Telescoping Pickup Tools































Pocket Pickup Magnet

Pocket Pick Up Magnet
A fabulous impulse buy at hardware and automotive retail stores, and popular with mechanics who work on transmissions. The neodymium magnet in this tool will lift up to 2 pounds. Includes convenient pocket clip.

Part No. 07264 - MSRP $4.16
















Prices shown above are Manufacturer's Suggested Retail, and subject to change without notice. $30 minimum order.