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What is ZIP GRIP™?

ZIP GRIP™ is the trade name used exclusively by The Magnet Source™ to describe our quality flexible magnetic sheeting and strip products. We call it “ZIP" for our speedy delivery and “GRIP" for its magnetic strength. Made in the USA by quality manufacturers and stocked, processed and distributed world-wide from our Ohio processing facility, this material is engineered for maximum versatility and reliability. We are also capable of quoting and supplying foreign made flexible magnet material. However, be cautioned that it does not always meet the high standards set forth in the attributes of our ZIP GRIP™, USA magnet material described below.

What is Behind the ZIP-GRIP™ Name?

  • Massive stock
  • Speedy delivery
  • Competitive pricing
  • Precision processing by skilled operators
  • Ability to slit, cut, score cut and die cut
  • Knowledgeable, friendly customer service people
  • Years of experience in the magnet industry
  • Low minimum order requirements
  • And a desire to be your best source in the magnetic field!

Flexible Strip Applications
Advertising Specialties
Assembly Devices
Fastening Devices
Screen Printing
Manufactured Products
P.O.P. Displays and Signs
Shelf and Bin Labeling
Trade Show Graphics
Note Pads
Window Energy
Decorative Magnets
Point of Purchase Applications
Advertising Specialties
Holding Devices
Magnetic Fixtures
Hanging Signs
Movable Signs
Positioning and Holding
Manufactured Products

Attributes of ZIP GRIP™ Flexible Magnets

The USA produces the largest volume of flexible magnet with the highest quality material in the world. Compare attributes when comparing prices. Powerful - ZIP GRIP™ is supersaturated with magnetism in a multiple pole magnetization pattern, so its magnetic strength is evenly distributed across the surface. The thicker the material, the greater the strength. Permanent magnetism is guaranteed as long as the material is not subjected to a demagnetizing force.

Durable - ZIP GRIP™ is easy to maintain and safe for finished surfaces. It contains no oils or plasticizers that can cause cracking, drying out or surface migration (permanent attachment).

Safe - The material is lead-free and barium-free, making it a non-toxic substrate that is safe to work with and safe for consumers.

Machinable - ZIP GRIP™ is easily drilled or cut with scissors, knife, die or punch to fit your application.

Temperature Range - ZIP GRIP™ is designed to withstand continuous exposure to temperatures ranging from –15ºF to 160ºF without demagnetizing.

NOTE: All flexible magnet thicknesses are taken before laminates are applied. If your application requires a specific overall thickness, let our team know.

How are Flexible Magnets Made?

A dry mixture of ferrite powder and rubber polymer resin is mixed, calendered and ground; then formed either by extrusion (for magnetic strip) or rollers (for magnetic sheeting). The material is then magnetized, laminated with vinyl or adhesive, cut to size, rolled onto a core, and boxed for shipment.

When is Flexible a Good Choice?

Flexible magnets are the least expensive by volume and the most pliable permanent magnet material when compared to ceramic (ferrite), alnico or rare earth magnets. They perform well in a wide variety of applications for home, school, shop and office. They are lightweight, flat, easy to print on and easy to cut with scissors, knife or die. They are ideal for advertising specialties, point of purchase signage and lightweight holding applications, to name a few.

Typical Flexible Magnetic Properties
Residual Induction
Coercive Force
Intrinsic Coercive Force
Max. Energy Product
BHMax (MGOe)