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Magnetic Sheeting Printing Tips

Contact your printer manufacturer for recommended printing profiles.

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  • Cover the platen if it is made of ferrous (metal) material using something that will create an “air gap” between the magnet material and the platen. (Chip board, vinyl tape, banner scrim, thin plastic, etc.)
  • Raise the magnet material up in a way that provides a flat/straight feed into the machine and lessens the steep angle from the feed spindle to the printing area. Do not allow the magnet material to ripple or bunch up while feeding through the printing area.
  • Check your owner’s manual for the recommended maximum thickness to ensure that the printer can handle the thickness of the magnet for the required application.
  • Check your owner’s manual for the maximum weight restrictions on the feed end of your printer.
  • Slowing your printer down and having patience is a necessity when printing on magnet. It is NOT a “set-up and walk away” type of printing job.

Master Magnetics, Inc. is not responsible for damage caused by improper product use.