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Magnets in General

Amazing Ways Magnets Work for Safety & Security

From deterring shoplifters to preventing catastrophe at gas stations, magnets play a unique role in security in places you might not even suspect.

Used in breakaway pumps, this is one way magnets work for safety at gas stations.You might be surprised to know magnets are used in some pretty useful – and amazing – applications rooted in security. Here’s our top picks for ways magnets keep us safe and sound. Continue reading…

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DIY and Craft

5 Useful Magnets for Teachers in the Classroom

As teachers head back to the classroom, a variety of magnets make the grade helping teachers to hold, post, decorate, label, secure and even become the basis of memorable experiments.

Taking a page from student supply lists, here’s our recommendation for five useful magnets for teachers.

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Technically Speaking

Magnetization Directionality Options

depecition of how a horshoe magnet is magnetized
Traditional horseshoe shaped magnets are magnetized axially.

In many applications, the direction of a magnet’s pole might not matter – just as long the magnet attracts where needed.  However, in other instances, the directionality of the magnet is an integral aspect of the intended application.

Understanding the conventional and specialized magnetization directionality options available helps ensures successful applications.


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Industrial Applications

Four Ways Magnets Make Manufacturing More Efficient

Using magnets make manufacturing more efficientMagnets make manufacturing more efficient for companies across multiple industries. From the factory floor to the shipping dock, a variety of magnetic tools help manufactures create cost-effective and safe work environments.

Here’s a look at how magnets help get the job done… moving, storing, holding and cleaning. Continue reading…

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Magnets for P.O.P. and Merchandising

Three Types of P.O.P. Magnets Hiding in Plain Sight

P.O.P. magnets used to hold signs
Strong sign holding magnets secure P.O.P. signs to counters at coffee stores while keeping the magnets hidden.
Sometimes the best use for a magnet is one you don’t see.  Because the magnet can be hidden, the emphasis remains on the product or enhances the visual environment; not the functionality of the magnet.

These three examples of displays using hidden magnets perfectly illustrate the unique uses of P.O.P. magnets in multiple environments. Continue reading…

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Magnets in General

Understanding Magnet Myths & Facts

Magnet myths and facts

When it comes to magnets, there’s a lot of information and misinformation out there.  And it can be hard to separate fact from fiction.  Here’s the top five magnet myths we find ourselves explaining regularly. Continue reading…

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DIY and Craft, Magnets in General

Viewing Magnetic Fields and Identifying Magnetic Poles

Viewing magnetic fields with with viewer film
Magnetic Viewer Film shows the multiple poles present in flexible magnetic sheeting.
Typically, magnetic fields are invisible.  It’s one of the things that adds to the mystique and curiosity of magnets.  Bust visualizing magnetic fields and identifying magnetic poles can be done with just a few simple tools. Continue reading…

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Technically Speaking

Permanent Magnets and Electromagnets – Different Magnet Types Feature Different Properties

Neodymium magnets are rare earth magnetsMagnets work in hundreds of applications around you daily.  But depending on the use, the magnet could be a permanent magnet or an electromagnet.  Permanent magnets and electromagnets both possess different characteristics and benefits.

Permanent Magnets

As the name suggests, a permanent magnet is any magnetic material whose atoms have been permanently aligned to create a persistent magnetic field.   The magnetizing process occurs during manufacturing. Continue reading…

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Flexible Magnets

Flexible Magnetic Sheeting Compatibility Influenced by Two Things

Magnetic sheeting compatibility depends on the type of printer ink
Selecting the right type of magnetic sheeting for your printer is key in achieving quality results. For example, using a magnetic sheeting with a paper top-coat for aqueous ink yields quality prints (above). A vinyl top-coat with the same type of ink creates a blurry, messy image (below).
Flexible magnetic sheeting compatibility largely depends on two things: the type of printer and how the sheeting is being used.  Get these things right and achieving quality results when printing direct to magnet increases greatly.

Printer Compatibility

First, when determining magnetic sheeting compatibility, look to see what type of material to use with your printer.  Printer compatibility largely depends on the type of ink used.   PrintMagnetVinyl is a flexible magnetic sheeting with a vinyl coating used with wide-format solvent, eco-solvent, UV, and latex printers.  Magnetic receptive material, FlexIRON, is also compatible with these same printer types. Continue reading…

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Technically Speaking

Exciting New Advances with Magnets Hint at Major Innovations

3D printed magnets is one of several new advances with magnets
Image Credit: Department of Energy (DOE)
Magnets have come a long way since ceramic magnets first made their debut in 1952.  In demand for everything from clean energy to technology to manufacturing, magnets today are driving some of the most innovative products for tomorrow.

In the past year we’ve noticed exciting new advances with magnets – and they seem to be everywhere.  Here are a few of the highlights. Continue reading…

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