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Magnetic Road Sweepers are the Right Tool for Emergency Access

TYMCO® utilizes Magnet Source® Sweepers for Road Clean-up after Fertilizer Plant Explosion in Texas

There are so many factors involved with providing an effective response to an emergency situation. Having the right tools and equipment is always part of a successful solution.

TYMCO, Inc. is a manufacturer of Regenerative Air Street Sweepers located in Waco, Texas, about 19 miles south of West, Texas. When the fertilizer plant located in West exploded on April 17, 2013, TYMCO volunteered to bring their expertise, equipment and the needed sense of urgency to get the job done right and quickly.

Magnetic road sweepers from Master Magnetics works to clean up road in Texas after the explosion.

“The situation was that emergency vehicles were having difficulty gaining access to the necessary areas because of all the debris scattered across the roads,” said Gary Young, Vice President, Engineering for TYMCO. “The first priority in our cleanup role was to clear the roads of all hazardous debris. We have a large selection of road cleanup equipment to handle any size task. We chose to go with the Magnet Source® 84” and 96” Hanging Magnetic Sweepers because of the need for speed and simplicity. We did not have time to install our larger electrically actuated magnetic sweepers, so we chose to hang these off our big International Trucks and go,” Young explained. (The Magnet Source® brand is a trademark of Master Magnetics, Inc.).

A hanging magnetic road sweeper from Master Magnetics in use.

“Our initial process was to have three to four people walking along with our street sweeper trucks, tossing large-size debris into the street sweeper, and periodically clearing off magnetic sweeper. The magnetic sweeper protected our trucks’ tires so we could proceed with cleaning up the rest of the debris,” Young added.

Hanging magnetic road sweepers are available in widths from 18 to 96 inches from Master Magnetics. The Magnet Source® sweeper product line also includes push-type and trailer-type magnetic sweepers. These magnetic road sweepers are super-powered, permanent magnets for the removal of sharp iron objects from roads, parking areas, loading docks, runways and other important traffic areas. Hang-type magnetic sweepers greatly reduce the possibility of costly flat tires and injuries caused by nails, scrap iron particles, staples, etc. Two eyebolts are installed on each magnet for suspending from vehicles.

Simply hang a magnetic sweeper from your forklift or vehicle bumper and “sweep” all contaminated areas. The sweeper hangs approximately two to four inches off the ground, and maximum operating speed is five mph. To clear collected debris, wipe the face of the magnet with a glove or heavy shop towel. There are also magnetic sweeper models available with quick-release handles for the easiest removal of collected debris.

Magnets Clear Dirt Roads of Hazardous Metal Debris

Magnets Clear Dirt Roads of Hazardous Metal Debris

Master Magnetics offers various magnetic sweepers to clear metal debris from different kinds of surfaces – factory aisles and walkways to patios and roadways. Depending on the application, our magnetic sweepers offer the perfect solution, and range in size from small hand-held to trailer-type.

We recently ran across an interesting story about large magnets being used to clear roads of metal debris in Lancaster County, Nebraska.

Please see article by clicking here.

New Magnetic Sweepers feature Quick-Release for Convenience and Safety

Master Magnetics, Inc. has introduced the latest additions to their line of magnetic sweepers. The super-powered, permanent magnet assemblies ranging from 12” to 96” in width are perfect for the fast and efficient removal of hazardous scrap metal debris from warehouses, loading docks, parking areas, runways, manufacturing and shop areas, job sites, workshops and other important traffic areas.

Hang-Type Sweeper – The new 36” and 48” hang-type sweepers feature a release handle for quick and safe release of collected material. Includes two eyebolts for securing in place on forklift forks or to suspend with a chain from a vehicle. Powerful strength (330 lbs. pull for 36” and 440 lbs. pull for 48”) allows for quick and effective sweeping of large areas.

Push-Type Sweeper – The new 18” push-type sweeper features a quick-release handle for fast and easy release of collected metal debris, a height-adjustable handle, and 7” wheels with an adjustable sweeping height from .5” to 2.5”. Perfect for quick clean-up of small to medium-size areas.

To view a video of magnetic sweepers in use and for more information on all Master Magnetics’ push, hang or trailer-type magnetic sweepers, visit