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SuperBlue™ Neodymium Swinging Magnetic Hook
Industrial strength magnetic hook made with heavy duty construction is ideal for holding and storing cables, tools and wires. Features six powerful neodymium magnets with 65 lbs. pull. Embedded magnets provide maximum strength and keep the base free of debris. Rotates and swings 360 degrees.

Part No. 07548 - 1.5” diameter, MSRP $10.92

Swinging Magnetic Hook
Super strong magnetic hook swings 180 degrees. Hang and organize wiring, cords and utensils in the garage, workshop or warehouse. Powerful neodymium magnet has up to 40 lbs. pull. Plated base measures 1.125" diameter and has protective, non-scratch liner.

Part No. 07589 - MSRP $7.28

Rotating Magnetic Hook
Industrial strength magnetic hook rotates a full 360 degrees and swings 180 degrees. Heavy duty construction, hold cables, tools, utensils and more. Powerful neodymium magnet has up to 65 lbs. pull. Measures 1.25” dia. Black base includes protective, non-scratch liner.

Part No. 07580 - 1.25” diameter, MSRP $10.40












Reversible Magnetic Hook
This hook has numerous uses in the workshop. Use to hang lights, wiring, tools, banners, decorations and more from any ferrous metal surface. Loosen the bolt and flip the hook for versatility in hanging directions. Measures 2.25" dia. Powerful ceramic magnet, blue base.

Part No. 07529 - 25 lbs. pull strength, MSRP $7.27













White Magnetic Hooks
Small but strong! They can hang tools, wiring, cables and signs. Useful for suspending banners or wiring for lights or sound. Coated with durable white enamel paint to blend with most decor. Choose from 9 lb. or 14 lb. pull strength.

Part No. 07290 - 9 lbs. pull strength, 2 pcs., MSRP $2.86

Part No. 07291 - 14 lbs. pull strength, 2 pcs., MSRP $3.38












Grade 42 Neodymium Hooks
Use these industrial-strength hooks to hang tools, equipment, lights, and other items in warehouses, garages, or work stations. Durable zinc plating is corrosion resistant.

Part No. 07631 - .63” diameter, MSRP $5.20

Part No. 07632 - .787” diameter, MSRP $7.28


Neodymium Magnet Hooks with Grip Pads
Unique and attractive blue plastic hooks with powerful neodymium magnets can be used to hang wiring, pot holders, decorations, cords and more. Slip resistant pads make these hooks work well on refrigerators, lockers and file cabinets. 2 Hooks per package, each with 5 pounds pull.

Part No. 07599 - MSRP $4.16

Powerful Magnet with Attachment Ring
Neodymium magnet with attached keyring is super powerful! Use to hang keys or rope/chain with signage for aisles or hallways. Includes a non-scratch liner. Lifts up to 35 pounds.

Part No. 07287 - 1.125” diameter, MSRP $7.28

Magnetic Carabiner Hook
Super strong neodymium magnet assembly with easy-clip carabiner hook has 45 lbs. pull. Use to hang a tool belt or other heavy items to metal walls, beams and cabinets. This powerful hook works well in classrooms, warehouses and more. Includes protective, non-scratch liner.

Part No. 07587 - 1.125" diameter, MSRP $7.28




















A powerful magnetic assembly with unlimited uses. Perfect for hanging tools, keys, utensils and more from any ferrous metal surface. This hook lifts up to 20 pounds in a vertical test, and includes a special liner to prevent surface scratches.

Part No. 07218 - MSRP $3.81












Magnetic Window Hooks
They hold through glass! Simply place a magnet on each side of the glass, then hang the sign or decoration. Can be used with single pane windows or as single hooks on metal doors. If used on a metal surface, each hook will hold up to 35 lbs. Protective coating helps prevent scratching. Recommended use for single-pane windows only.

Part No. 07254 - 2 hooks, MSRP $10.40













Prices shown above are Manufacturer's Suggested Retail, and subject to change without notice. $30 minimum order.