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Handy to have around for collecting dropped metal items such as screws and nuts!

Retractable Retrieving Magnet
This innovative magnetic tool can be bent and angled into crowded and congested small spaces to retrieve metal screws, nails and more. Features the following:

  • Shielded Sides - Targets pickup – won’t attract to metal surroundings until activated. Won’t attract to other tools when stored in toolbox.
  • Flexible - Snakes through difficult or confined areas such as cramped engine compartments, behind heavy equipment, down drains or heating vents. Holds shape for hard-to-reach items.
  • Plunger Handle - User can activate magnet when tool is in position for retrieval. Thermoplastic handle and round knob for sturdy grip and comfort. 23 inches long.
  • Neodymium Magnet - 2 lbs. pull.

Part No. 07688


Bend-It Magnet
19 inches long. Can be bent to reach almost any location - around corners, between appliances or furniture, underneath cabinets and more. Use to retrieve lost items from dashboards, drains and vents. Neodymium magnet has 2 lbs. pull.

Part No. 07229

Bendable Magnets