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POP Magnetic Devices Group

Magnetic Hooks
Available in various strengths, white enamel or nickel plated. Great for hanging banners and ceiling signs. For more magnetic hooks, click here.

Part No. MHHH9 - White, 9 lbs. pull
Part No. MHHH14 - White, 14 lbs. pull
Part No. MHHH20
- Handi-Hook™, plated, 20 lbs. pull

Double-Sided Magnetic Sign Holder for Glass Panels or Windows
Works through single-pane glass! Hang signs, banners, display objects and more. Allows double sided use or separates into two magnets for use on metal surfaces. If used on a metal surface, each hook will hold up to 35 lbs.

Part No. MHHH65

Specialty Magnetic Hooks
Choose from easy-clip carabiner hook, keyring and more. Use to hang banners and signs. To see our complete selection, click here.

Part No. 07587B - Magnetic Carabiner Hook, 45 lbs. pull
Part No. 07287B - Magnet Assembly with Key Ring, 35 lbs. pull
Part No. MHHH07580BX - Swiveling Magnetic Hook, 65 lbs. pull

Name Badge Magnets
Magnetic badges and name plates have strong neodymium magnets that attract through clothing, keeping IDs securely in place without making holes in clothing. For more information, click here.

Part No. NP07B - .5” W x 1.75” L x .25” Thk.
Part No. NP08 - .687" Dia. x .1875” Thk.
Part No. NP09B - .5” W x 1.8” L x .25” Thk.

Magnetic clips and caps group

Magnetic Handy Clips™
Nickel-plated clips are ideal for lightweight indoor signage. Each clip holds up to three pounds.

Part No. MHMC030

Hold Everything Magnets
These powerful, colorful, versatile, magnets are great for signage and displays. Easily holds a .188" thick pad of sticky notes (3" x 3") to a file cabinet. Ten brilliant colors to choose from: White, blue, yellow, purple, green, red, orange, black, gray and pink.

Part No. CB60PC-(Color)

Hold Everything magnets also make great promotional items when imprinted with your message. Click here for more information.