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Month: September 2016

Magnets in General

Gluing Magnets: Three Tips for Avoiding a Sticking Situation

Gluing magnets doesn't have to be difficult

Gluing magnets can be one sticky situation – and not just literally.  It’s tricky to make sure the magnet stays where it’s attached, not where it’s attracted.  We’ve found when it comes to adhering magnets, there are three key steps to creating a successful bond: preparation, selection and cure time. Continue reading…

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Rare Earth Magnets

Rare Earth Magnets: What Isn’t in a Name

What makes rare earth magnets so rare?  Well nothing really.  It’s the history behind discovery of the rare earth elements that generated the name and two factors are thought to have contributed to this misnomer.

Rare Earth Elements aren't all that rareWhen rare earth elements (REE) were discovered, they were originally thought to be scarce because they are not located in concentrated pockets like other elements – hence the term rare earth.  Fast forward a few decades it’s clear these elements are indeed plentiful, just not often found in concentrations able to be mined economically.  However, last year alone 124,000 tons of REEs were mined, with another 130 million in reserve worldwide*. Continue reading…

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