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Benefits of Magnetic Sign Holders for Merchandising

Photo of magnetic sign holders in front of a mannequin.Creating the right retail environment involves taking into account every detail, including sign holders. The range of sign holders for merchandising can be overwhelming, and selecting the right sign holding system to best communicate sales and branding messaging is important to your overall retail environment. Magnetic sign holders provide many benefits from complimenting the décor to ease of simple installation.

By definition, magnetic sign holders, frame holders, round base magnets, and hooks are repositionable sign holding systems, which are easily moved within a retail setting and not permanently attached to shelving or fixtures.

While that alone may sound attractive, here’s a few more benefits magnetic repositionable sign holders provide retailers.

  • Quick Change – Magnetic sign holders are repositionable and can easily be moved to a variety of locations within the store. Reorganizing aisles or placing new floor sets is as easy as picking up a sign holder and placing it in the new location – no tools required. In the case of some magnetic adjustable sign holders, accommodating a taller or shorter location is as simple as pushing a lever.
  • No Special Staff – Unlike certain systems that require outside design firms to install or change out heavy or unwieldy graphics, or even repair damage to walls or fixtures, magnetic sign holders can be set up and changed by the store’s own staff. Even when using magnetic hooks to hang signs from the ceiling, extender tools can be used to keep employees safely on the floor while changing out graphics.
  • Fits many environments – Magnetic sign holders come in such a wide range of sizes, styles and types that they can seamlessly compliment almost any retail décor. Repositionable sign holders have the advantage of accommodating seasonal decorating changes and branding updates; making the task easier and quicker for employees.
  • Cost effective – Available at a relatively low cost per unit, magnetic sign holders can be used over and over again. Reposition them where needed for maximum impact in the store. Simply change out graphics to reflect current sales, holiday promotions or new branding, and continue to utilize the existing sign holders. There is no additional investment in hardware.


Our knowledgeable magnetic solutions specialists can help you choose the right type of repositionable magnetic sign holders or frame holders for your P.O.P. or merchandising application. With over 80 different P.O.P. magnets, there is sure to be an option for your retail setting. Contact us for samples and solutions!

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