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Best Types of Magnets for MRO and Warehouse

When it comes to MRO and warehouse management, magnets play a surprising role in keeping things running smoothly.  Here’s a look at the three best types of magnets for MRO and warehouses.

Magnetic SignageSign holding magnets for MRO and warehouse use

Quickly glance around any warehouse or manufacturing facility and you’ll see signage – a lot of it.  From wayfinding to shelf labeling to informational, magnetic sign holders help provided durable and repositionable sign holding.   A few areas magnetic signage is particularly useful include:

  • posting checklists, maintenance records and procedural documentation with magnetic document holders and sleeves;
  • labeling racking or call attention to certain areas and traffic flow with channel magnets;
  • identify inventory of shelving and storage areas with magnetic inventory labels for a quick and repositionable solution.

So utilizing magnetic signage efficiently and safely communicates needed, and in many instances required, information, to your manufacturing or warehousing team.

Tool Holding and Storage

Another important type of magnets for MRO and warehousing is tool holding and storage. Keeping tools and other items neatly stored and easily accessible has two tangible benefitsrb-tool-storage: decreased expenditures in lost or damaged tools and increased productivity from easily located items.  Magnetic tool holders easily accommodate heavy loads in a variety of styles.

  • Traditional magnetic tool bars line allow the user to keep multiple tools neatly stored in a linear fashion. Durable and very strong, these tool holders suspend 20 pounds per square inch.
  • Magnetic tool holders make ideal organizersIdeal for tooling stations or small areas, round base tool holders grip individual tools and providing dedicated storage for everything from brooms to flashlights to drills. Our newest tool holder features a vinyl-coated ring for storing tools.

When it comes to magnetic tool holders and storage, they are a very versatile type of magnets for MRO.  Don’t overlook their usefulness.

Magnetic Sweepers

Avoiding personal injury, property damage and losses due to downtime are just a few reasons magnetic sweepers are used in manufacturing facilities and warehouses across North America.

OSHA lists walking surfaces in their Top 10 Warehouse Violations to Avoid.   Use push-type magnetic floor sweepers to keep aisles clear of metal Magnetic sweepers are one of the best types of magnets for MRO and warehousesdebris.  Available in a range of sizes, these sweepers make quick work of spills and reclaim dropped fasteners from work areas.

In warehouses, keeping aisles free from metal debris can prevent costly damage to forklift tires and avoid scratching and damaging sealed or coated floors.  Hanging sweepers attach to forklifts and trucks to sweep wide areas for regular maintenance.  Additionally, large parking lot areas benefit from tow-behind sweepers to prevent flat tires on company vehicles and delivery trucks.

Magnetic sweepers are one simple way to protect the investment in your capital equipment.

These best types of magnets for MRO and warehousing help create opportunity for improvement in organization, safety and workflow.  So with very little change to your current operation, these magnets can generate positive changes in your manufacturing or warehouse setting.

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