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Industrial Applications

Four Ways Magnets Make Manufacturing More Efficient

Using magnets make manufacturing more efficientMagnets make manufacturing more efficient for companies across multiple industries. From the factory floor to the shipping dock, a variety of magnetic tools help manufactures create cost-effective and safe work environments.

Here’s a look at how magnets help get the job done… moving, storing, holding and cleaning. Continue reading…

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Industrial Applications

Best Types of Magnets for MRO and Warehouse

When it comes to MRO and warehouse management, magnets play a surprising role in keeping things running smoothly.  Here’s a look at the three best types of magnets for MRO and warehouses.

Magnetic SignageSign holding magnets for MRO and warehouse use

Quickly glance around any warehouse or manufacturing facility and you’ll see signage – a lot of it.  From wayfinding to shelf labeling to informational, magnetic sign holders help provided durable and repositionable sign holding.   A few areas magnetic signage is particularly useful include: Continue reading…

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Flexible Magnets, Industrial Applications

How To Select Magnetic Inventory Labels

Warehouse imageWith the unique challenges faced in business today, most warehouse and distribution centers face the added tasks of scalability, flexibility and easy navigation. Magnetic inventory labels, a relatively low-tech item, can provide a quick and re-positionable solution for shelving and storage areas.

As companies grow, reorganize, bring in new products, and discontinue old ones, magnetic inventory labeling makes sense as both the holders and the cards can be relocated with the product. Continue reading…

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Industrial Applications

Master Magnetics Introduces Neodymium Lift Magnets at IMTS 2010

Neodymium Lift Magnets are ideal for handling steel plate, forgings, die castings and similar items in machine shops, warehouses and industrial processing plants. Lift magnets eliminate the need for slings or clamping devices and allow one person to do the work of two or more. Four models are available in strengths of 220 lbs., 660 lbs., 1,300 lbs. and 2,200 lbs. of flat piece lifting capacity. For safety, the actual breakaway force is 3 times greater than the maximum lift rating. Continue reading…

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