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Category: Magnets for P.O.P. and Merchandising

Magnets for P.O.P. and Merchandising

Three Types of P.O.P. Magnets Hiding in Plain Sight

P.O.P. magnets used to hold signs
Strong sign holding magnets secure P.O.P. signs to counters at coffee stores while keeping the magnets hidden.
Sometimes the best use for a magnet is one you don’t see.  Because the magnet can be hidden, the emphasis remains on the product or enhances the visual environment; not the functionality of the magnet.

These three examples of displays using hidden magnets perfectly illustrate the unique uses of P.O.P. magnets in multiple environments. Continue reading…

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Magnets for P.O.P. and Merchandising

Unique Magnetic P.O.P. Displays

If P.O.P. magnets conjure up images of white magnetic hooks holding ceiling signs or basic sign holding bases, you aren’t alone.  While those are the work horses of the P.O.P. magnetic industry, we found some more unique magnetic P.O.P. displays that cast magnetic displays in a more exciting light.

Get your creative juices flowing with these examples:

Magnetic Suspension

If you’ve walked into a sporting goods store, then you’ve seen racks of oddly shaped items precariously stacked or haphazardly stored. One athletic equipment manufacturer created a unique magnetic P.O.P. display to feature its product by suspending it magnetically.   In this case, the top of the display holds a small magnet.  It attracts a metal ball which simply snaps into the top of the hockey stick.  Customers and staff simply pull the stick away from the magnet to get a better look at the product. Continue reading…

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Magnets for P.O.P. and Merchandising

Benefits of Magnetic Sign Holders for Merchandising

Photo of magnetic sign holders in front of a mannequin.Creating the right retail environment involves taking into account every detail, including sign holders. The range of sign holders for merchandising can be overwhelming, and selecting the right sign holding system to best communicate sales and branding messaging is important to your overall retail environment. Magnetic sign holders provide many benefits from complimenting the décor to ease of simple installation.

By definition, magnetic sign holders, frame holders, round base magnets, and hooks are repositionable sign holding systems, which are easily moved within a retail setting and not permanently attached to shelving or fixtures. Continue reading…

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