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Creative Uses for Craft Magnets to Inspire Your Project List

March is National Craft Month, so what better time to look at some great crafting projects using magnets. Crafters by nature are creative people who do amazing things with a range of media – magnets included. Here’s a roundup of some of the most interesting projects we’ve seen using craft magnets. From Pinterest to Etsy to your favorite DIY blog, there’s a range projects incorporating craft magnets that just may inspire you to get your craft on!

Magnetic Terrariums

Photo of small terrarium attached to metal surface with craft magnets.

Photo by Melissa Caughey

This may be the most unique use of a craft magnet we’ve seen out there. Create small terrariums using succulents, tiny rocks and a small container. Just attach a small magnet to the back to hold this tiny terrarium on your fridge. Or maybe that boring filing cabinet in your office needs some life? For an even smaller space, hollow out a wine cork and add the air plant. Affix the magnet to the back of the cork for instant greenery. In both cases ceramic craft magnets can easily be attached with glue or use neodymium discs with pre-applied adhesive.

Check out this site for the how-to: bit.ly/1UcqUBz

Magnetic Poster Frame Rails

Image of magnetic poster rail being closed on a poster.
Photo by Skillshare.com

If you have an aspiring young artist with lots new work to display or teens who love to change the look of their space, these easy to make magnetic poster frames rails provide and easy way to hang posters and art without tape or tacks. The supply list includes thin wood, magnets, glue and string or ribbon. It’s a project easily customizable for décor and scale of room; making the project as complex or simple as desired.

Skillshare.com shares a great video tutorial: skl.sh/1VkF83C

Magnetic Bookmarks

Image of bookmark with magnetic strip at the bottom.
Photo by Master Magnetics

For the readers in your life, this magnetic bookmark stays put and has the bonus of being easy to make. Use your favorite card stock cut and scored to length desired so it folds in half. Embellish  with washi tape, card stock, paper flowers, or other favorite items. These types of bookmarks lend themselves perfectly to magnetic tape or flexible magnetic squares or strips. Simply apply the craft magnet to the inside of the bookmark and let the magnet grip the book pages. If you are looking for a kid friendly craft, with a little preparation, this one is perfect.

Check out this link for a quick tutorial: bit.ly/22oYzhd

Magnetic Jewelry

Photo by LemonLeeDesign
Photo by LemonLeeDesign

DIYers and Etsy enthusiasts may have noticed a fun trend toward interchangeable pendants and charms. These can be made of nearly anything (bottle caps, resin, buttons, small stones) – as long as they are backed with a small magnet that secures it to the necklace or bracelet. We recommend using small, neodymium magnets to insure the pendant stays securely attached to the base.

Visit this artist’s store at Etsy for some great magnetic jewelry: etsy.me/1nVogD5

Magnetic Frames

Image of Magnetic photo frame displaying craft magnet projects and photos.
Photo by Master Magnetics

Display photos, store small frequently used items or showcase your favorite craft magnet project with beautiful and functional magnetic frames. These frames are easily made with a few simple items found in craft and hardware stores. Simply insert a piece of metal into a pre-made frame, replace the back and hang. If desired, the metal can be covered with craft paper or fabric to achieve look suitable to your décor. Once your frame is ready you’ll need some magnets to make it functional. Small, but powerful, neodymium magnets are a great choice for holding pictures and notes – and they look sleek and clean. Or neodymium discs with adhesive are a great choice for making your own posting magnets.

Check out this link for tips on how to make: bit.ly/1SZ6qfr

Do you have a favorite craft with magnets? We’d love to see it! You can find a wide selection of ceramic and neodymium magnets suitable for crafting at most local hardware or craft stores. If you’re looking for assistance with the best type of magnet for your project, our magnetic products specialists are available to assist.

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