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Decorating for the Holidays with Magnets

Use magnets to help untangle your holiday decorating.‘Tis the season to deck the halls. But if hours of hanging lights and holly make you feel like Scrooge, try decorating for the holidays with magnets.

Don’t overlook the usefulness of magnets in holiday decorating. Magnetics hooks might hold signs or tools during the rest of the year, but come November they pull double duty as Santa’s helpers.

 Stringing Lights

Ideal for holding lights on metal roofs, gutters or buildings, magnetic hooks keeps your lights in place through strong winds, rain and snow. Plus installation is as simple as placing the hook on the metal surface.

Many types of magnetic hooks, no larger than a nickel, hold nine pounds each.  And unlike nails or screws, magnetic hooks won’t permanently damage buildings or roofs.


 Hanging Wreaths

Decorating for the holidays with magnets is easy with the wreath hook that holds through single pane glass
Use both of the wreath magnets to hold through glass. Perfect for decorating windows and doors for the holidays.

Other magnetic hooks are designed specifically to hold wreaths – and this is the time of year for these magnetic décor holders to really work.  Use this magnet hook through a single pane window or door, as well as on metal doors and fencing. Able to hold up to 35 pounds, this powerful hook won’t let you down.


Draping Garland

In addition to lights, holiday decorating often features garland, greenery, bows and mistletoe.  These types of holiday decorations often require a little more strength to keep in place. Magnetic hooks that hold up to 60 pounds ensures festive décor hangs around through the New Year. Perfect for metal door frames, poles or ceiling grids.


While most frequently used on commercial buildings and retail settings, magnets don’t have to be too industrial for the home. Gutters and doors are the most common place to decorate for the holidays using magnets. But don’t overlook the potential ease in decorating that magnets can provide in areas like covered patios and porches, and even mailboxes.


Find our magnetic hooks at Amazon.com as well as hardware and home improvement stores across North America.  With multiple styles, there is sure to be one to keep your season bright. If you are still unsure which to choose, please contact us for more information!

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