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Magnetic Cup Caddy Coveted for Versatility and Convenience

Magnetic Cup Caddy on a forklift.There are not many products that can approach the all-around value and simplicity of handy products like duct tape, WD-40®, VELCRO® or even the Veg-O-Matic. While the Cup Caddy admittedly doesn’t slice, dice or even Jullienne, the versatile new Magnetic Cup Caddy is a remarkably handy holder of needful things in the home, office, warehouse, yard, garage and more.

The Magnetic Cup Caddy magnetically attracts to any flat ferrous metal surface with powerful magnets that hold it firmly in place without slipping. Great for use on a forklift, tractor, riding mower, toolbox, or file cabinet. Holds an insulated mug, hot or cold container, aluminum can or fountain cup. Also useful for keeping cans, spray paint, lubricants, small tools and more within easy reach.

The Magnetic Cup Caddy features:
• Powerful magnetism
• Extra wide slots to accommodate coffee mug handle
• Holds containers up to 3.25” diameter at base.

Magnetic Cup Caddy holds mugs, cans and much more.Magnetic Cup Caddy on riding mower.Magnetic Cup Caddy on a toolbox.

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