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Magnetic Pick-Up Tool Earns PTEN Top 100 Award

The Extendable Bendable Magnetic Pick-Up Tool from Master Magnetics, Inc. was among Professional Tool and Equipment News’ Top 100 most requested products for 2010. The entire Top 100 list will be featured on PTEN’s online buyer’s guide.

The new Extendable Bendable Magnetic Pick-Up Tool (part # 07569) with a powerful neodymium magnet features:

• Retractable and bendable magnetic extension
• Extends from 20” to 36”
• Durable lightweight aluminum housing
• Strong lifting power of 3 pounds
• Easy-grip vinyl handle
• Attractive try-before-you-buy clam pack

The Extendable Bendable Magnetic Pick-Up Tool is an extremely valuable and handy tool to have around the garage or shop. Easy to use, the flexible shaft allows access to previously inaccessible locations to retrieve tools, nuts, bolts, washers and other items that are out of reach.

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