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Permanent Magnets and Electromagnets – Different Magnet Types Feature Different Properties

Neodymium magnets are rare earth magnetsMagnets work in hundreds of applications around you daily.  But depending on the use, the magnet could be a permanent magnet or an electromagnet.  Permanent magnets and electromagnets both possess different characteristics and benefits.

Permanent Magnets

As the name suggests, a permanent magnet is any magnetic material whose atoms have been permanently aligned to create a persistent magnetic field.   The magnetizing process occurs during manufacturing. Continue reading…

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Flexible Magnets

Flexible Magnetic Sheeting Compatibility Influenced by Two Things

Magnetic sheeting compatibility depends on the type of printer ink
Selecting the right type of magnetic sheeting for your printer is key in achieving quality results. For example, using a magnetic sheeting with a paper top-coat for aqueous ink yields quality prints (above). A vinyl top-coat with the same type of ink creates a blurry, messy image (below).
Flexible magnetic sheeting compatibility largely depends on two things: the type of printer and how the sheeting is being used.  Get these things right and achieving quality results when printing direct to magnet increases greatly.

Printer Compatibility

First, when determining magnetic sheeting compatibility, look to see what type of material to use with your printer.  Printer compatibility largely depends on the type of ink used.   PrintMagnetVinyl is a flexible magnetic sheeting with a vinyl coating used with wide-format solvent, eco-solvent, UV, and latex printers.  Magnetic receptive material, FlexIRON, is also compatible with these same printer types. Continue reading…

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Technically Speaking

Exciting New Advances with Magnets Hint at Major Innovations

3D printed magnets is one of several new advances with magnets
Image Credit: Department of Energy (DOE)
Magnets have come a long way since ceramic magnets first made their debut in 1952.  In demand for everything from clean energy to technology to manufacturing, magnets today are driving some of the most innovative products for tomorrow.

In the past year we’ve noticed exciting new advances with magnets – and they seem to be everywhere.  Here are a few of the highlights. Continue reading…

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Rare Earth Magnets

Samarium Cobalt – The Other Rare Earth Magnet

An illustration of the periodic table highlighting the rare earth elements and samarium cobalt in particularWhen you think of rare earth magnets, most us think of neodymium magnets (NdFeB). But Samarium cobalt magnets are also classified as rare earth magnets.

Continue reading…

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Magnets in General

Attractive Prevention- Why Choose Cow Magnets

Prevent hardware disease with cow magnetsIf an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, then one cow magnet is certainly worth its weight in, er, steak.  Popular with farmers, ranchers and veterinarians, cow magnets are a well-known method of preventing hardware disease in cattle.

About Hardware Disease

The University of Missouri extension office estimates between 55 and 75 percent of cattle in the eastern United States have some type of hardware in their stomachs. Continue reading…

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Magnetic Tools

Magnets Make Great Stocking Stuffers

It’s that time of year to make your list and check it twice.  Magnets make great stocking stuffers for that big kid on your list.   Since we know a thing or two about magnets, we’ve put together this list of stocking stuffers sure to please.  And since most of these magnets on our list retail for under $10, they won’t empty the wallet either. Continue reading…

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Flexible Magnets

Eight Great Ways to Use Magnets for Marketing Your Company

Calendars are one way to use magnets for marketing

Magnets make a great choice for marketers looking to keep their company name in front of prospects and clients all year round.  Here’s our top eight ways to use magnets for marketing your company.

By printing direct to magnet, it’s simple to create customized items that provides value to your customers and is branded with your company information.  Tap into your creative side with magnetic sheeting.  Create vivid graphics that are easily cut by hand or machine.  All of these magnetic items make great giveaways, mailers or handouts. Continue reading…

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Industrial Applications

Best Types of Magnets for MRO and Warehouse

When it comes to MRO and warehouse management, magnets play a surprising role in keeping things running smoothly.  Here’s a look at the three best types of magnets for MRO and warehouses.

Magnetic SignageSign holding magnets for MRO and warehouse use

Quickly glance around any warehouse or manufacturing facility and you’ll see signage – a lot of it.  From wayfinding to shelf labeling to informational, magnetic sign holders help provided durable and repositionable sign holding.   A few areas magnetic signage is particularly useful include: Continue reading…

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Flexible Magnets

Achieving the Best Adhesion of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives with Magnetic Sheeting

Using magnetic sheeting or magnetic strip with pre-applied pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) brings significant benefits to your project.  Incorporating surface preparation, adhesive selection and good installation techniques provide the best results for PSAs.

Technically applied as a laminate in the factory, PSAs provide a superior bond between the magnetic material and the adhesive.  However, in order to achieve the best possible adhesion between the PSA and the substrate, set yourself up for success by following these best practices. Continue reading…

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Magnets in General

Gluing Magnets: Three Tips for Avoiding a Sticking Situation

Gluing magnets doesn't have to be difficult

Gluing magnets can be one sticky situation – and not just literally.  It’s tricky to make sure the magnet stays where it’s attached, not where it’s attracted.  We’ve found when it comes to adhering magnets, there are three key steps to creating a successful bond: preparation, selection and cure time. Continue reading…

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