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Rare Earth Magnets

Rare Earth Magnets: What Isn’t in a Name

What makes rare earth magnets so rare?  Well nothing really.  It’s the history behind discovery of the rare earth elements that generated the name and two factors are thought to have contributed to this misnomer.

Rare Earth Elements aren't all that rareWhen rare earth elements (REE) were discovered, they were originally thought to be scarce because they are not located in concentrated pockets like other elements – hence the term rare earth.  Fast forward a few decades it’s clear these elements are indeed plentiful, just not often found in concentrations able to be mined economically.  However, last year alone 124,000 tons of REEs were mined, with another 130 million in reserve worldwide*. Continue reading…

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Technically Speaking

Temperature and Magnetism: Knowing Your Operating Temperature Matters

Selecting a magnet involves many factors, not the least of which is the temperature at which it will be used.  Understanding the relationship between temperature and magnetism for each type of magnet helps ensure the correct magnet for high heat application is selected.Image illustrating how temperature and magnetism are related

When discussing temperature and magnetism, there are two ranges to be aware of: the Maximum Operating Temperature and the Curie Temperature. These are different for each magnet material, as well as the size and shape of a magnet. Continue reading…

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Magnets for P.O.P. and Merchandising

Unique Magnetic P.O.P. Displays

If P.O.P. magnets conjure up images of white magnetic hooks holding ceiling signs or basic sign holding bases, you aren’t alone.  While those are the work horses of the P.O.P. magnetic industry, we found some more unique magnetic P.O.P. displays that cast magnetic displays in a more exciting light.

Get your creative juices flowing with these examples:

Magnetic Suspension

If you’ve walked into a sporting goods store, then you’ve seen racks of oddly shaped items precariously stacked or haphazardly stored. One athletic equipment manufacturer created a unique magnetic P.O.P. display to feature its product by suspending it magnetically.   In this case, the top of the display holds a small magnet.  It attracts a metal ball which simply snaps into the top of the hockey stick.  Customers and staff simply pull the stick away from the magnet to get a better look at the product. Continue reading…

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Technically Speaking

How to Separate Magnets

One of the most fascinating things about magnets is their incredible strength.  It can also be the source of frustration for anyone who has ever gotten their magnets stuck together.  Of course large magnets for tool holding appear strong, but even small rare earth magnets can prove surprisingly difficult to separate.  How to separate magnets depends largely on the strength of the magnet.

Separating magnets relies on a few simple principles – create an air gap and slide don’t pull.  Often our neodymium magnets come with a plastic or heavy cardboard spacer between them.  It’s helpful to keep these for future storage.  As a rule of thumb, the stronger the magnet, the thicker the spacer should be.  Spacers simply provide a non-attracting surface for the magnets making it easy to pull them apart. Continue reading…

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Home Improvement

Getting Organized with Magnetic Tool Holders

Got the urge to organize? Get a handle on your clutter? Reign in the chaos?  If this is your mission, one creative way master the mess is to organize with magnetic tool holders.

Image of getting organized with magnetic tool holders and gardening toolsIf magnetic tool holders conjure up images of screwdrivers hanging on a strip above a workbench, you’re not wrong.  That’s a great place to start.  After all 40 years ago, magnetic tool holders were the first product Master Magnetics manufactured.  Garages and workbenches all around North America have gained order and tidiness from these 13 and 24 inch strips of magnetic organization. Continue reading…

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Technically Speaking

Shipping Magnets: Understanding the Rules

Shipping magnets safely might be a little more complicated than you realize.  In today’s age of instant gratification, there are still a few times that our products just can’t be shipped by air for overnight delivery. Graphic image of shipping magnets by air

Because of their ability to interfere with the navigation and electronic equipment on planes, many industrial magnets, magnetic assemblies and strong rare earth magnets cannot be shipped via air.

Whenever possible we prefer to ship magnets by ground transportation, because magnets shipped via air will be classified as Dangerous Goods if not properly packed to block their magnetism.  Additionally, many carriers will not accept magnets for air shipments. Continue reading…

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Magnetic Tools

Top Three Magnetic Gifts for Father’s Day

If your dad doesn’t need (or want) another tie this Father’s Day, we have some suggestions for unique magnetic gifts for Dad that he is sure to use.  Here are our top three picks that make pretty great magnetic gifts for Father’s Day.

The Pop 'n Catch makes a great magnetic gifts for Father's Day.

 1. The Beer n’ Chill Dad – The Pop ‘n Catch is a clever magnetic bottle opener that lets Dad pop the top on his favorite bottle beverage and catch the cap in one single-handed action. It magnetically mounts for easy portability on any steel surface like grills, metal coolers, tailgates, and refrigerators. The Pop ‘n Catch is perfect for man caves, camping, tailgating, and parties.  Wrap one up with a six pack of his favorite beverage for a thoughtful gift sure to be enjoyed all year. Continue reading…

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Technically Speaking

Handle With Care: Tips for Magnet Safety

Tip for magnet safetyMagnets might appear small and shiny, but don’t under estimate their strength.  Just like most things there are some common sense guidelines for handling magnets.  These tips for magnet safety can help prevent personal injury and property damage. Continue reading…

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DIY and Craft

Creative Magnetic Projects Perfect for Celebrating Mom

What mom doesn’t love a thoughtful, handmade gift? With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we have some quick and easy magnetic projects that mom will love receiving and displaying.

Sentiment Button Magnets

Picture of Sentiment Button Magnets one of three magnetic projects for Mother's Day

Making Sentiment Button Magnets is an easily customizable magnet project that kids can help with – from start to finish. First, gather all the needed supplies, including colored or patterned paper, clear glass flat pebbles, spray adhesive, and small round magnets. We used half-inch diameter ceramic disc magnets, which are readily available at most craft or hardware stores. Continue reading…

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Magnets for P.O.P. and Merchandising

Benefits of Magnetic Sign Holders for Merchandising

Photo of magnetic sign holders in front of a mannequin.Creating the right retail environment involves taking into account every detail, including sign holders. The range of sign holders for merchandising can be overwhelming, and selecting the right sign holding system to best communicate sales and branding messaging is important to your overall retail environment. Magnetic sign holders provide many benefits from complimenting the décor to ease of simple installation.

By definition, magnetic sign holders, frame holders, round base magnets, and hooks are repositionable sign holding systems, which are easily moved within a retail setting and not permanently attached to shelving or fixtures. Continue reading…

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