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Tips for Taking Magnetic Vehicle Signs the Extra Mile

Image of magnetic vehicle sign on a work van.Magnetic vehicle signs are a popular way to give many businesses an inexpensive method of advertising. They can be printed locally by most sign shops, can be easily switched between vehicles and, with a little care, last several years.

In order to withstand highway speeds, most magnetic vehicle signs are printed on .030” magnetic sheeting. This ensures the magnet has enough sheer strength to stay on the car during driving. But selecting the right material is just part of the equation. Properly applying and maintaining your magnetic sign takes this investment the extra mile.

Application Tips

One of the appealing things about magnetic vehicle signs, is that there is no expert installation needed; just a few common sense tips.

  • Thoroughly clean and dry the vehicle surface where the magnet will be applied.
  • Ensure the magnetic sign is clean and free of any debris – especially if the sign has been stored and is being reapplied.
  • Select a smooth, flat, vertical, metal surface to apply the magnetic sign. Car doors are the most common spot for these signs.
  • The magnet being applied should be room temperature (at least 68 degrees F). Cold magnets become rigid, making them difficult to smoothly apply and strongly attach to the entire surface.
  • Beginning with a corner, gently place the magnet – letting it ‘grab’ the surface as it is placed.

Ø Don’t drag the magnet across the surface of the car. If you need to reposition the sign, simply remove it by pulling back on a corner. This protects the finish of the vehicle.
Ø Don’t apply the magnet over rust, trim work, deep curves, or vinyl car wraps. These things create air gaps, which prevent the magnetic sheeting from fully gripping the metal. As a result, the sign is likely to fall off.
Ø Don’t trap water or grit between the magnet and vehicle surface. Not only does this create an air gap, but it can damage the finish of the vehicle.

Storage Tips

In between uses, take care to extend the life of your signs by showing your magnet a little love.

  • Keep magnetic vehicle signs, flat and dry.
  • Store where the temperature will not exceed 150 F (not in the trunk of a car).

Ø Don’t store more than one sign with the magnet sides touching.
Ø Don’t store heavy items on the signs

Maintenance Tips

To prolong the life of the magnet and for the benefit of the vehicle, it’s ideal to periodically remove the sign and clean both the vehicle and magnet.

  • Magnetic signs can be cleaned with Windex or a gentle detergent. Dry thoroughly before reapplying.
  • Take care to avoid creasing or bending the corners of the sign during removal.
  • Ideally, magnetic signs should be removed prior to going through car washes to avoid damaging the graphics, trapping dirt and moisture between the magnet and car, or losing the magnetic sign altogether.

Looking for more tips on flexible magnetic sheeting or guidance on what material is right for your application? Our magnetic solutions specialists can help.

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