Going Fishing? Take a Magnet, Too

By Shalea Hardison

What to do when the fish just aren’t biting? Maybe it’s time to try angling for a different sort of catch.

Some fisherman routinely use fishing magnets or strong retrieving magnets, to rescue items that fell out of the boat or off the dock, including tackle boxes, tools and even anchors that have come off their lines. Lost keys, too, have been retrieved with fishing magnets, using a little time and lot of patience.

Or, try using magnets as the bait and you might just reel in an attractive treasure. For some, this pastime is an exciting metal treasure hunt in the water. Fishing for sunken treasure along the floor of the lake or stream has turned up old coins, knives, safes, bikes– even motorcycles and war relics. 


Regardless of your intention, there are a few things to keep in mind when using a fishing magnet.

Be sure to select a strong enough rope to thread through the eyebolt – it needs to be strong enough for the magnet, as well as any water current and the items being retrieved. Likewise, attach the rope securely – such as with the anchor hitch knot. It’s a good idea to wear gloves to prevent rope burn. Experienced users report slowly dragging the magnet through the water provides the best results.

The Magnet

The Fisherman’s Magnet is specifically designed for use in the water, with a black enamel finish to help resist corrosion. This powerful fishing magnet lifts up to 150 lbs. and the eyebolt and nuts are included.

Fishermans Magnet

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