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Eye-catching counter displays featuring our most popular magnets.

Tape DisplayPart No. MDZG10A - 24 rolls of magnetic tape in countertop bin. Each roll measures 1/2" x 30", individually UPC labeled

Magnet Disc and Ring Display

Part No. MDCD10CR75 - Magnet Discs and Rings display contains 300 ceramic disc magnets, 3/4” dia. x 3/16” thk., and 200 ceramic ring magnets, 3/4” outer dia. x 1/4” inner dia. x 1/4” thk.

Magnet Block Display

Part No. MDCB40CB3 - Magnet Blocks display contains 300 ceramic blocks, 3/16” thk. x 3/4” wide x 1” long with 3/16” center hole, and 200 solid blocks, 3/16” thk. x 1/4” wide x 7/8” long

Colorful Discs Counter Display

Part No. 07691DSP - Colorful rubber coated disc magnets in counter display, red, yellow, green, blue, 144 pcs.

Magnetic Business Card Display

Part No. 40010DSP - Magnetic Business Cards counter display, 18 pkgs. individually UPC labeled, 10 pcs. per pkg.

Magnetic Pickup/Pointer Display

Part No. 07226 - Magnetic Pickup/Pointers, 40 pcs., each with 3 lbs. pull, individually UPC labeled

Magnetic Pickup/Pointer Display

Part No. 07566 - Magnetic Pickup/Pointers, 30 pcs., each with 7 lbs. pull, individually UPC labeled

Magger/Demagger Counter Bin

Part No. 07624BIN - 12 Magnetizer/Demagnetizers in countertop bin, individually UPC labeled

Nail Starter Display

Part No. 07537DSP - Magnetic Nail Starter counter display, 42 pcs. in 5 colors, individually UPC labeled

Mag/Demag Display

Part No. 07224BIN - Screwdriver Magnetizer/ Demagnetizer countertop bin, 35 pcs.

Magnet Clips Display

Part No. 07550BIN - Large Magnetic Clips countertop bin, 16 clips in blue, red, green and yellow, individually UPC labeled

Hold Everything Magnets Display

Part No. 07278DSP - Hold Everything Magnets counter display, 56 magnets in 8 colors, individually UPC labeled

Magnetic Ribbon Display

Part No. 07075DSP - Magnetic Pink Ribbons counter display, 96 pcs., each measures 3" x 5", individually UPC labeled

Magnetic Flags Display

Part No. 07162DSP - Magnetic U.S.A. Flags counter display, 48 pcs., each measures 8" x 5", individually UPC labeled

Part No. 07614BIN - Key Chain Magnet Counter Display Bin, counts six vibrant colors: black, white, blue, orange, green and red, UPC labeled