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Handle Magnets Group

Standard Handle Magnets

Handle magnets clean up scattered ferrous metal objects, including screws, nuts and bolts. Lift or position medium weight objects including tools and lights. Each features solid steel construction with welded handles.

Part No. 07212 - Handle magnet lifts up to 25 lbs., MSRP $6.50

Part No. 07213 - Handle magnet lifts up to 50 lbs., MSRP $8.68

Part No. 07214 - Handle magnet lifts up to 100 lbs., MSRP $11.96


Powerful Ergonomic Handle Magnet

Great for retrieving and moving metal items such as shelves, sheeting and pipes. Lifts up to 100 pounds. Magnet is encased in durable red plastic shell with easy-grip rubber handle. Includes two Magnetic Shields™ to block magnetic strength when not in use, allowing easy storage in a toolbox without attracting other tools (remove shields before using).

Part No. 07501 - MSRP $10.09

Heavy Duty Handle Magnets

Can be used to lift heavy metal objects, such as shelving, beams and doors. Painted red with solid steel construction and welded handles.

Part No. 07211 - Handle magnet lifts up to 225 lbs., MSRP $43.68

Part No. 07210 - Handle magnet lifts up to 150 lbs., MSRP $19.86

Prices shown above are Manufacturer's Suggested Retail, and subject to change without notice. $30 minimum order.