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Red Alnico Horseshoes

These alnico horseshoe magnets are versatile and powerful! Compact clamshell packaging has a small footprint in your display. Choose from three pull strengths. Each includes mounting hole and steel keeper to retain magnetic strength.

Part No. 07270 - 10 lbs. pull, MSRP $12.00

Part No. 07271 - 20 lbs. pull, MSRP $34.20

Part No. 07272 - 30 lbs. pull, MSRP $36.75

The universal symbol of magnets recognized around the world. This handy horseshoe magnet is powerful and sturdy. Ideal for school experiments, and it makes a great gift. Includes a keeper to help retain magnetic power.

Part No. 07225 - 2" tall, 3 lbs. pull, includes keeper, MSRP $9.78

Part No. 07279 - 1" tall, 2 lbs. pull, includes keeper, MSRP $8.00

Prices shown above are Manufacturer's Suggested Retail, and subject to change without notice. $30 minimum order.