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Quickly and easily magnetize small tools and screwdrivers so they attract screws or nuts for easy starting and removing. Insert a screwdriver into the hole, pull it out and it’s magnetized! Perfect for do-it-yourselfers, mechanics and electricians.

Part No. 07524 - Magnetizer/Demagnetizer with separate areas for magnetizing and demagnetizing, MSRP $3.45

Part No. 07624BIN - Magnetizer/Demagnetizer in transparent countertop bin, 12 pcs.

Part No. 07224 - Magnetizer/Demagnetizer, leave the magnetizer on the tool for extra magnetic strength. To demagnetize, pass the tool through one of the exterior channels, MSRP $2.67

Part No. 07224BIN - Magnetizer/Demagnetizer in transparent countertop bin, 35 pcs.

Screwdriver and Magnetizers/Demagnetizers

Prices shown above are Manufacturer's Suggested Retail, and subject to change without notice. $30 minimum order.