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What are Cow Magnets?

Cow magnets are popular with dairy farmers and veterinarians to help prevent Hardware Disease in cattle. While grazing, cows eat everything from grass and dirt to nails, staples and bits of bailing wire (referred to as tramp iron). Tramp iron tends to lodge in the honeycombed walls of the reticulum, threatening the surrounding vital organs and causing irritation and inflammation, known as Hardware Disease. The cow loses her appetite and decreases milk output (dairy cows), or her ability to gain weight (feeder stock). Cow magnets help prevent this disease by attracting stray metal from the folds and crevices of the rumen and reticulum. One magnet works for the life of the cow!

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Cow Magnet Diagram

Choose from our selection below:

  • Ru-Master 5™ Cow Magnet
  • NEW - Ferrite Cow Pill
  • Alnico Cow Pill
  • Ceramic Cow Magnet
  • Packaged Cow Magnets for Retail
Ru-Master 5 Cow Magnet

Ru-Master 5™ Cow Magnet
The Ultimate Heavy Duty Cow Magnet!

Patent No. 5128644

The patented design of the Ru-Master 5™ improves upon the quality and longevity of the original heavy-duty rumen magnet. In comparison, the Ru-Master 5™ is:

  • Durable Its durable structure boasts plated, solid steel end caps for corrosion prevention and a solid steel connector rod through the core to reduce breakage in shipping and handling. No plastic parts involved.
  • Stronger Magnetizaton before assembly creates a consistent pulling force from each section along the length of the magnet and enhances its overall strength.
  • Superior Characteristically, the Ru-Master 5™ has rounder ends and is slightly heavier than the original heavy-duty cow magnet. These qualities make it easier for the magnet to travel to the stomach and stay there.

Measures .75” dia. x 3.375” L

Part No. COW-RUM5
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Mineral Cow Magnet

Ceramic 10CM
Ferrite Cow Pill
Patent No. 7557685

The primary advantages of Master Magnetics’ new patented Ferrite Cow Pill are the 100% retention of magnetic strength, proprietary magnetization design pattern and a significantly lower cost. Measures .625” dia. x 3” long.

The new Ferrite Cow Pill is:

  • Stronger This strontium ferrite magnet material is 100% guaranteed to retain its strength for 30 years unlike Alnico 5 magnet material which can lose 20-40% of its magnetism over 5 years. The Ferrite Cow Pill is magnetized in a 4-pole proprietary magnetization pattern which maximizes its strength and ability to collect and align tramp iron along the magnet’s length.
  • Durable Lasts for up to 30 years while maintaining 100% of its magnetic strength. One magnet works for the life of the cow.
  • Superior Low cost (60% less than Alnico cow magnets), long lasting, powerful magnetism and healthy composition make it the cost-saving, new alternative to the age-old Alnico 5 cow magnet.

Part No. COW-CP6
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Alnico 5 Cow Pill

A favorite of Dairymen and Vets for over 30 years! This is the standard cast Alinco 5 cow magnet with bright, metal finish. It is non-toxic and non-corrosive in use. Each measures .5" dia. x 3" long.


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Ceramic Cow Magnet

Ceramic Cow Magnet

This rectangular cow magnet is made of Ceramic 5 (Strontium Ferrite) magnet material. Its special magnetization pattern causes nails and other sharp metal objects line up along the length of the magnet where they are no longer a danger to the cow. The FDA-approved epoxy coating is gentle on the cow and helps protect the magnet from chipping. Rounded corners ensure safe and easy passage to the reticulum. Measures .5" x .75" x 2.75" long.

Part No. COW-SCM7
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Cow Magnets

Alnico Cow Magnets

This standard Alnico cow magnet has a magnetic pole on each end, and is perfect for a 3D demonstration of magnetic fields, similar to that produced by the earth. The cow magnet is stronger than bar magnets of equal size. Each measures .5” dia. x 3” L.

Part No. 07239 - 2 magnets, MSRP $23.50

Heavy Duty Cow Magnet

The heavy duty Ru-Master 5™ cow magnet features a patented design of 5 powerful magnets strategically assembled with power-enhancing pole pieces for superior magnetic strength. Patent No. 5128644.

Part No. 07238 - Measures .75” dia. x 3.375” L, MSRP $5.41