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Round Base and Latch Magnets Group

Round Base Magnets

Add a hook or knob, and these ceramic base magnets are perfect for holding and positioning shop lights, tools, plants and more to steel surfaces such as refrigerators, filing cabinets, metal beams, walls and doors.

Part No. 07515 - Round base magnet, 1.21" dia. x 0.18" thk., 11 lbs. pull, 2 pcs. MSRP $2.59

Part No. 07216 - Round base magnet, 1.42" dia. x 0.265" thk., 16 lbs. pull, MSRP $2.17

Part No. 07217 - Round base magnet, 2.03" dia. x 0.303" thk., 25 lbs. pull, MSRP $3.27

Latch Magnets

Ceramic latch magnets can easily secure a parking lot gate, cabinet or shop door.

Part No. 07220 - Latch magnet, 1" L x 0.875" W x 0.219" thk., 7 lbs. pull, 2 pcs. MSRP $2.17

Part No. 07575 - Latch magnet, 2.7" L x 1.08" W x 0.5" thk., 25 lbs. pull, 1 pc. MSRP $3.27

Heavy Duty Round Base Magnets

Extra strong ceramic magnetic bases can suspend heavy items such as speakers and spotlights. Also useful for securing hoses, tools, extension cords and more.

Part No. 07222 - Heavy duty round base magnet, 2.65" dia. x 0.36" thk., 65 lbs. pull, MSRP $6.54

Part No. 07223 - Heavy duty round base magnet, 3.19" dia. x 0.44" thk., 95 lbs. pull, MSRP $8.17

NEW! Magnetic Base with Attachments

Industrial strength magnetic base with attachments can be used in numerous ways. Heavy duty construction is ideal for hanging, holding and storing multiple items, tools, wires and more.

  • Powerful ceramic magnet has 35 lbs. pull
  • 2.04” diameter chrome plated base
  • Kit Includes: round base magnet, hook, eyebolt, bolt and 3 nuts
Part No. 07596 - Magnetic base with attachments, 7 pcs., MSRP $5.19

Prices shown above are Manufacturer's Suggested Retail, and subject to change without notice. $30 minimum order.