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Nail Starters i Display and in use

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Nail Starter™ magnetic thumb saver is an inexpensive tool for setting nails. This patented hand tool is ideal for do-it-yourself and home improvement as well as for professional contractor and interior design jobs. Nail Starter™ is a 5-3/4" long handle with a powerful magnet on one end that magnetically holds a nail, screw, rivet or staple in a starting position to prevent thumb injuries.

This handy tool is especially helpful in situations where the nail is smaller than the fingers that are trying to hold it. Nail Starter™ is available in red, white, blue, yellow and orange. Patent # 7183885.

Part No. 07531 - Nail Starter, red
Part No. 07532 - Nail Starter, orange
Part No. 07533 - Nail Starter, yellow
Part No. 07534 - Nail Starter, blue
Part No. 07535 - Nail Starter, white

MSRP $2.00 ea. pc.

Part No. 07536 - Nail Starters on a 20-pc. impulse strip, 4 of each color, MSRP $40.00

Part No. 07537DSP - Nail Starter in a 42-pc. counter display, MSRP $84.00

Magnetic Nail Starter™ also makes a great promotional item when imprinted with your message. Click here for more information.

Prices shown above are Manufacturer's Suggested Retail, and subject to change without notice. $30 minimum order.