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  • Sheeting and Squares with Adhesive
  • Flexible Magnetic Chalkboard
  • Black or White Sheeting
  • Memo Magnet™
  • Large Sheeting
Magnetic Sheeting with Adhesive

Flexible Magnetic Sheeting with Adhesive

Make projects magnetic. The peel-and-stick adhesive side will hold photos, drawings and cards, as well as decorations and visual aids. Cuts easily with scissors.

Part No. 07014 - 5" x 8" (1 pc.), MSRP $2.36

Part No. 08056 - 4" x 6" (2 sheets), MSRP $2.31


Magnetic Squares with Adhesive

Peel-and-stick magnetic squares are twice the thickness of magnetic sheeting and twice the strength. Affix to calendars, signs, memos and crafts to make them magnetic.

Part No. 08057 - 1" squares (24 pcs), MSRP $3.48
























Flexible Magnetic Chalkboard

Use this black magnetic chalkboard for memos, lists, schedules and more. Use with chalk or chalk marker then simply erase with a damp cloth to reuse. 

Cuts easily into fun shapes with scissors or hobby knife (try our easy-to-use templates). Attracts to any flat ferrous metal surface.

  • Ideal for home, school and office
  • Promotes creativity and fun for all ages
  • Use on refrigerators, lockers, file cabinets and more

Part No. 08506 - 8” x 11” (1 sheet), MSRP $6.24

Chalkboard Magnet



















Flexible Magnetic Sheeting

5" x 8" and 8" x 11" sheeting will spark imagination! Black or white vinyl surface provides a magnetic backing for finished projects. Easily cuts with scissors or a hobby knife.

Part No. 07025 - Black, 5" x 8" (1 pc.), MSRP $2.36

Part No. 07085 - Black, 8" x 11" (1 pc.), MSRP $4.56

Part No. 07027 - White, 5" x 8" (1 pc.), MSRP $2.36

Part No. 07087 - White, 8" x 11" (1 pc.), MSRP $4.56

Black and white magnetic sheeting
















Magnet Maker in package and in use

Memo Magnet™

Ideal for home, office or school. Customers can create their own message board by decorating the white vinyl front of this flexible magnet, then display on refrigerator, locker or metal cabinet. Wash-off marker and magnetic pen holder also included.

Part No. 08501 - 8" x 11" (1 sheet), MSRP $7.45


















Large Magnetic Sheeting

With large flexible magnetic sheeting, your customers can create just about anything! Available with white vinyl or adhesive front, both with magnetism on the back. Packaged in durable, plastic hang-type tubes.

Part No. 08504 - Adhesive front, 12" x 24" (1 pc.), MSRP $13.24
Part No. 08505 - White vinyl front, 12" x 24" (1 pc.), MSRP $13.24

Magnet Maker™

This large magnetic sheet is great for creating vehicle signage or large magnetic signs.

Part No. 07060 - 24" x 48" x .030" thk. (1 pc., white), MSRP $41.77

Large Magnetic Sheeting

















Prices shown above are Manufacturer's Suggested Retail, and subject to change without notice. $30 minimum order.