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It looks like flexible magnetic sheeting, yet it is not a magnet.

FlexIRON™ is a magnetic receptive material that attracts all types of low profile magnets, including flexible magnetic sheeting and strip, plus ceramic and neodymium magnets. Both
sides of FlexIRON™ (front and back) attract magnets. And it is easy to drill or cut with scissors, knife, die-cutter, or cutting plotter.

Standard width - up to 48”

Standard roll lengths - 10, 25 and 50 ft.

Custom laminations available (Call for pricing.)

FlexIRON™ can be processed to a finished size using the same equipment that is used
for magnetic sheeting. For more details on custom cutting capabilities, click here.

Print on FlexIRON™ with solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV ink systems to create a colorful background to place magnets on. For more details about printing on flexible magnetic sheeting, click here.

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FlexIron rolls

NEW 48” Wide Format FlexIRON™
Available in two thicknesses .012” and .016”. All flexible thickness measurements are taken before laminates are applied.

Laminate Front Laminate Back Description
Thick (in.)
Roll Length
PP - Gloss White Uncoated Plain Indoor - Aqueous inks on printable side.
75 ft.
PET - Gloss White Indoor/Outdoor - Solvent, eco-solvent,
latex and UV on printable side.
75 ft.
PVC - Gloss White Vinyl
50 ft.
Acrylic-Based Adhesive Indoor/Outdoor Adhering to plastics,
soft vinyls and other substrates.
50 ft.

FlexIRON™ 24” Wide Format
.025” thick x 50 Ft. Length

Laminate Front Laminate Back Description
Gloss White Vinyl Uncoated Plain Indoor/Outdoor - Solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV on printable side.
(Rubber Based) Adhesive
Indoor - Solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV on printable side. Print on vinyl, adhere to any wall or rigid surface.
Indoor (Rubber Based) Adhesive Uncoated Plain Indoor - Adhering to plastics, soft vinyls and other substrates.
Black Vinyl Indoor
(Rubber Based) Adhesive
Indoor - For black background, adhere to any wall or rigid surface.
Write-on/Wipe-off (Special order) Uncoated Plain Indoor - For dry erase surface.


Magnetic Graphic System
for Creative Signs and Displays


Magnets make sign building and use fast and efficient.

This magnetic graphic system is comprised of PrintMagnetVinyl™ magnetic sheeting and FlexIRON™ magnetic receptive sheeting. It provides the cost efficiency of printing direct with solvent, eco-solvent, UV, and latex ink systems, coupled with the simplicity of being incredibly easy to change and install.

FlexIRON™ can be used as the base layer for signs, with photos and graphics printed on PrintMagnetVinyl™, or it can be the top graphic layer, using the magnetic sheeting with an adhesive backing as the base layer.

Sheeting use in retail

Magnetic Graphic System examples shown above using magnet with adhesive as the base and FlexIRON™ as changeable graphic layers. Displays created by Shaw PPC Design.

Great value

The simplicity of the system combined with high-resolution, photo quality printing surfaces and comparatively low costs, make the combination of FlexIRON™ and PrintMagnetVinyl™ (or PrintMagnet™ for aqueous ink printers) a versatile and valuable graphic system for the retail environment.

For indoor and outdoor use, both FlexIRON™ and PrintMagnetVinyl™ can be printed on directly with solvent, eco-solvent, UV, and latex inks for high-resolution, photo quality results.

  • Available in widths of 12” to 48”
  • Thicknesses of .012” to .060”
    (does not include thickness of laminate)
  • Easily cut with scissors, hobby knife, router, die-cutter or cutting plotter
  • Custom cutting and slitting available

FlexIron and PrintMagnetVinyl

Wide variety of uses

Either option provides a multitude of magnetic solutions for graphic displays of all sizes ranging from menu boards and bank signs to designing full-wall mural graphics popular in retail environments – all with easy installation and changeability.

Ways to Use the PrintMagnetVinyl™
and FlexIRON™ Graphic System

P.O.P. Displays
Full Wall Graphics
Menu Boards Floor Signs
Message Boards Toys and Games
Exhibit Booths Craft Displays
Retail Graphics Instruction Boards


FlexIron in use

Magnetic Receptive Strip

When a steel surface is required, FlexIRON™ Strip is a great alternative. It is flexible yet has a high concentration of iron that all magnetic strip and low-profile magnets will attract to. Available in 100 ft. roll lengths in 0.5” and 1” widths* with acrylic adhesive on one side. Simply roll out and cut to length to hold magnetic signage, magnetic display graphics or use with magnetic strip as a closure. Can be custom cut, scored, or score-cut same as magnetic strip.

Roll of strip
Part No.
.025" x 0.5" x 100 ft. Plain on one side; acrylic adhesive on the other
.025" x 1" x 100 ft. Plain on one side; acrylic adhesive on the other