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Basic Bulk rolls of magnetic sheeting are uncoated and dark brown on both sides. One side is magnetized (strong side) and the other is not (weak side).

Standard Thicknesses
Range from .012” to .060”, with a tolerance of (+/- .003”). All magnet sheet thickness measurements are taken before laminates are applied. The thicker the flexible magnet, the stronger it is. Note: 48” width available in .020 and .030 thicknesses only.

Sheet thickness
Magnet Thickness (in) Lbs. Pull per Sq. Ft. Typical Uses
.012 30 Ideal for advertising specialties. Low cost, lightest weight.
.015 40
.02 60
.03 85 Recommended for vehicle signage. Won’t blow off vehicle at highway speeds.
.045 115 Special applications. Higher strength and thicker profile.
.06 145


Thinner sheeting available for custom applications. Please call for more information: 1.888.293.3534.


Flexible magnetic sheeting is available with a variety of high quality laminates that are typically applied to the non-magnetic (weak) side. The most frequently used laminates are vinyls or adhesives depending on the required function of the magnet.

Flex Choices

Plain Typical Uses
No laminate, dark brown both sides. Two-step printing process: 1) Print substrate 2) Laminate substrate to weak side of magnet.
Vinyl Choices Typical Uses
High Gloss White Printable with screen print inks or lettering enamels (gloss finish).
PrintMagnetVinyl™ Gloss White Print direct to magnet using large format inkjet solvent, eco-solvent, UV and latex printers, for indoor/outdoor use. Click here for details.
Colors Red, yellow, green, blue, orange, brown, silver, black and gold. Great for displays and die-cut shapes.
Custom Minimum quantities apply. Call for quote.
Paper Choices Typical Uses
PrintMagnet™ Print direct to magnet using desktop inkjet printer or large format inkjet aqueous ink printer. Click here for details.
(also a laminate)
Typical Uses
Indoor and craft applications Print image on paper, or other substrates, then laminate to magnet.
Premium Indoor (Rubber-Based) Indoor applications Higher tack adhesive for rougher surface textures.
Acrylic-Based Adhesive Outdoor/Indoor applications For adhering to plastics, vinyls and metal.
Free Film Adhesive Cost efficient Indoor use on paper.

Other sheeting options

Double Magnetized, Double Laminated
Sheets are magnetized on both sides and printable on both sides. Create in/out, closed/open and clean/dirty signs or even sports schedules.

High gloss (photo quality), and matte white for aqueous inks. Cost effective for indoor applications.

Adhesive on the weak side, vinyl on the strong side
Applications: Toolbox tray liners, window treatments and gameboards.

Custom cutting capabilities
Our precision equipment will cut most rolls of flexible sheeting material to the size that your application requires.

Available roll lengths and widths
Flexible magnetic sheeting is typically provided in roll form, but can also be cut to size.

1. Full roll Use full rolls of 12” to 48” wide by 10, 25 or 50 ft. for short
print runs of various size final lengths.

2. Cut sheet Have your magnet pre-cut to fit your standard print press
sheet size, or cut to a specific sign blank size or whatever size your final
application requires. Standard pre-cut sign blanks are also available in
12” x 24” and 18” x 24” sizes.

3. Slit rolls Keep the versatility of a full 25, 50 or 100 foot roll but have
it slit to a smaller width. Slitting wheels slit a full roll into several rolls of
various widths as narrow as 2”, with a precision of +/- .060”.

4. Die cut Custom and standard shapes available. Please call for information.

How to order

Most of our standard roll sizes and part numbers are listed on our price sheet. For higher quantity price breaks, cutting quotes and application assistance, please contact one of our flexible magnet specialists. Just call 1.888.293.3534, click here to request more information or e-mail flexsales@magnetsource.com.

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