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Thicknesses and Widths

Basic bulk rolls of extruded magnetic strip are uncoated
and dark brown on both sides. One side is magnetized (strong side) and the other
is not (weak side).

Standard Thicknesses 0.030”, 0.060”, 0.125” All magnet thickness measurements
are taken before laminates are applied.

Standard Widths 0.25” to 3” (see table to the right) We can cut wider widths to
your specification.

Strength The most popular thickness of magnetic strip is 0.060” because it provides
substantial strength for most strip applications. Under ideal test conditions, magnetic
strip can be rated in approximate pounds of pull per foot. The thicker the magnet,
the stronger it is.

High Energy Magnetic strip – 25% to 30% more pull strength from same size magnet
strip. This special magnetic strip gives display and sign makers more versatility to
use the same low-profile magnet with higher magnetic strength. Comes with acrylic
adhesive on the non-magnetic side for steadfast attachment to plastics and nonporous
surfaces. Perfect for those applications where regular magnetic strip is not
quite strong enough.

Typical .060 Inch Thick
Magnet Strip Strength

in Inches
Lbs. Pull
per Linear Ft.

High Energy Magnetic Strip

in Inches
Lbs. Pull
per Linear Ft.
Note: Peel strength not rated.
Strip rolls


A variety of high quality laminations are available that are typically applied to the non-magnetic (weak) side of the strip. The most frequently used laminates on magnetic strip are adhesives and some applications require vinyls.

Adhesive Laminates Typical Uses
Indoor applications Craft and hobby
Indoor applications Higher tack adhesive for rougher surfaces.

Foam Adhesive

Indoor applications Adhere to uneven or porous surfaces.
Acrylic-Based Adhesive Outdoor/Indoor applications For adhering to plastics and soft vinyls.
Foam Adhesive
Outdoor/Indoor applications Adhere to textured, porous, and plastic or vinyl surfaces.
Vinyl Laminates Typical Uses
Colors – red, orange, yellow, blue, and white (on weak side). 0.030” standard, other thicknesses available. Maximum thickness 0.060” Menu boards, inventory labeling and production planning.
White on magnetic side (strong), adhesive on the other (weak). Attract thin metal or FlexIRON™ to white front.
Click here for details.
Custom Minimum quantities apply. Call for Quote.
Additional Choice Typical Uses
Plain Labels, craft projects when using your own adhesive.


Custom Cutting Capabilities Our precision equipment will cut, score or score cut any roll of flexible strip material to the length that your application requires. Please consult your sales specialist for quotes and to have cut-piece yield estimates calculated.

Full Roll Use full rolls of 50, 100 or 200 ft. for the versatility to cut your own pieces into a variety of lengths. Length of the roll depends on the thickness of material being ordered.

Scored Rolls Specialized scoring machines make a precise cut through the adhesive liner and into the magnet at even intervals along the entire length of a roll with a tolerance of +/- .060”. Pieces can then be snapped off the roll at the desired length. Tighter tolerances are attainable on shorter cuts. Tolerances will vary depending on length of score.

Score-Cut Rolls Precision score-cutting equipment makes a calculated cut through the magnet side, up to the paper liner at even intervals along the entire length of a roll with a
tolerance of +/- .060”. This makes it easy to peel the magnets off the liner for quick assembly line jobs. Tighter tolerances are attainable on shorter cuts. Tolerances will vary depending
on length of score-cut.

Cut Pieces High-speed, computer-calibrated cutting equipment cuts full rolls to lengths as small as .1875” with a tolerance of +/- .060”. Tolerances will vary depending on length of cut.

How to order

Most of our standard roll sizes and part numbers are listed on our price sheet. For higher quantity price breaks, cutting quotes and application assistance, please contact one of our flexible magnet specialists. Just call 1.888.293.3534, click here to request more information or e-mail flexsales@magnetsource.com.


Strip coming off machines