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Magnets add Ease and Speed for Vehicle Graphics Installation

By Mike G.

After quality and appearance, the name of the game for vehicle graphics installation is speed. Using Vehicle Wrap Magnets instead of tape to hold graphics in place makes each job easier, faster and more profitable. It’s important to use magnets that have the features you need to do the job right.

Man using Wrap Magnets

Be sure to consider:

Strength – The magnet should be strong enough to hold graphics in position without slipping, while still allowing repositioning movement when pulling gently on the graphic. Magnets rated at approximately 25 lb. pull have the right amount of strength.

Non-scratch – Magnets for vehicle graphic installation should have a protective casing such as plastic or rubber to prevent scratching of the graphics or vehicle during installation. Be sure to always wipe the contact side of the magnet before each use so that collected debris doesn’t cause scratches.

Grip – An easily accessible grip or handle allows you to place and reposition the magnets quickly to hold graphics in place throughout the application process, saving time and money.

Storage – It is helpful to have a good way to “turn off your magnet” when storing so the magnet doesn’t attract loose metal tools and parts in your toolbox. A cover, case or shield that blocks the magnetism when not in use is an important feature. In addition to being faster and easier to use than tape, magnets are reusable. They are a more environmentally and economically beneficial solution for vehicle graphics installation than using disposable tape.

For additional information on graphics installation and training, visit the Professional Decal Application Alliance (PDAA).

Wrap Magnet

Vehicle Wrap Magnet with Magnetic Shield to block magnetism during storage.

For more information about how Vehicle Wrap Magnets, contact our Magnet Experts at 800-525-3536. Our team can help you determine which magnetic sheeting best suits your application.

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