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Creative Magnetic Projects Perfect for Celebrating Mom

By Shalea Hardison

Magnet Crafts

What mom doesn’t love a thoughtful, handmade gift? With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we have some quick and easy magnetic projects that mom will love receiving and displaying

Sentiment Button Magnets

Making Sentiment Button Magnets is an easily customizable magnet project that kids can help with – from start to finish. First, gather all the needed supplies, including colored or patterned paper, clear glass flat pebbles, spray adhesive, and small round magnets. We used half-inch diameter ceramic disc magnets, which are readily available at most craft or hardware stores.

Magnets for MomIt takes just a few items to make these special magnets for Mother’s Day.

Using a nickel as a template, cut the paper to fill the back of the pebble. Small pictures would work great for this too. Then spray the flat side of the pebble with the adhesive and apply the paper design side down. Glue the magnet in the center of the paper you have a customized set of sentiment magnets!

Decorative Magnetic Frame

Moms love to display pictures of their kids and this small, decorative frame featuring a favorite picture makes a lovely gift. This project only requires leftover scraps of paper, ribbon and a small flower embellishment. We used a neodymium disc magnet with adhesive to finish off this magnetic project.

Your decorative magnetic frames will be treasured for years to come!

First, print the photo and trim it to size. Next, mat it on card stock and add a contrasting boarder. Washi tape also would work great for this step. A simple brad holds the flower embellishment. The ribbon finishes off the frame and also hides the magnet, which was applied on the back left corner. Neodymium discs with adhesive are very strong and will easily hold through the fabric (allow 24 hours for full cure time).

Reusable Magnetic Photo Pockets

Photo Pockets
Reusable photo pockets and pouches protect your favorite photos and artwork.

If you have more digital photos than you know what to do with, then reusable magnetic photo pockets are a quick, clean way to display those cherished pictures. Simply print the images you want to display and slide into the open side of the pocket. It’s a great way to display photos, keep them protected and easily exchange pictures when needed.

Available in three sizes (3.5” x 5”, 4” x 6” and 8.5” x 11”) magnetic photo pockets are also a great way to display the latest artwork by a young Picasso. It makes a clean finished look for gifts that kids love to give to Mom.

You can find a wide selection of ceramic and neodymium magnets suitable for these magnetic projects at most local hardware or craft stores. If you’re looking for assistance with the best type of magnet for your project, our Magnet Experts are available to assist.

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