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Eight Great Ways to Use Magnets for Marketing Your Company

By Shalea Hardison

Magnets make a great choice for marketers looking to keep their company name in front of prospects and clients all year round. Here’s our top eight ways to use magnets for marketing your company.

By printing direct to magnet, it’s simple to create customized items that provide value to your customers and is branded with your company information. Tap into your creative side with magnetic sheeting. Create vivid graphics that are easily cut by hand or machine. All of these magnetic items make great giveaways, mailers or handouts.

    1. Calendars

    Everyone needs a calendar, even in our digital world. Magnetic calendars last a full year, keeping your name front and center for twelve months. Some companies make this a tradition, knowing clients and customers come to expect their annual calendar.
    Calendars and Sports Schedules

    2. Sports Schedules

     Here in Colorado, we’ve got our Denver Bronco magnet game schedule stuck to the fridge by July – and if we don’t we’re looking around to find one. Sports schedules can feature college and high school teams too, as well as regional professional teams. Fans love knowing the game schedule for the season and keep these well after the season ends just to show their team loyalty. One note, be sure to use approved logos.

    Emergency Card

    3. Emergency Number Locator

    Everyone knows to dial 911 – but how many other emergency numbers do you have on hand? Magnetic Emergency Number Locator cards make excellent giveaways. Provide some numbers preprinted, such as those to non-emergency fire and police, poison control, local utilities and local government. Then leave areas for people to write in other numbers such as doctors, dentist, veterinarian and emergency contacts.

    4. Conversion Charts and Reference Charts

    Providing your customers with a handy conversion chart or reference chart relevant to their daily needs will have real staying power. Depending on your business, magnetic charts can include kitchen conversion charts, planting guidelines, tap and die charts, and much more. The key comes in creating a useful information for your audience. Customers keep and use these types of magnets for years. That’s a lot of mileage for your marketing dollar.

    5. Support for Causes

    Have a cause your company is passionate about? Share and show your support at community and professional events with ribbons. For example, if breast cancer is a cause your company feels strongly about, donating magnetic pink ribbons at a run or other community event is an authentic method of marketing while supporting a cause.

    Support Causes

    6. Photo frames

    Everyone loves to hang photos of their kids, pets, and vacations. Fridges and files cabinets need magnets to hang photos, so why not give them one to use.  Create a beautiful magnetic frame, even with a small branding, and people will use it. Or, brand the middle, which will be out to create the frame and leave them with another usable magnet.

    7. Business Cards

    Make it easy for customers locate your phone number and website with magnetic business cards. Clever shapes and unique graphics really make these effective marketing tools stand out. Doctors’ offices, restaurants, realtors and other service providers all benefit from this option.

    Business Cards

    8. Car Signs

    Magnetic vehicle signs have been around a while for a reason: they work. Quickly and easily brand your vehicle when needed and remove when you don’t. No special tools or installation techniques required. Less expensive than painting or wrapping a vehicle, four-color vehicle signs look great. You quite literally get miles of marketing leverage for your dollar with magnetic vehicle signs.

      Use magnets to market your company with longevity and endless ways to customize your corporate message. Whether you are saying ‘Thank-You’ or ‘Happy Holidays,’printing direct to magnet provides a great way to package that message.

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