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Getting Organized with Magnetic Tool Holders

By Shalea Hardison

Got the urge to organize? Get a handle on your clutter? Reign in the chaos? If this is your mission, one creative way master the mess is to organize with magnetic tool holders.

If magnetic tool holders conjure up images of screwdrivers hanging on a strip above a workbench, you’re not wrong. That’s a great place to start. After all 40 years ago, magnetic tool holders were the first product Master Magnetics manufactured. Garages and workbenches all around North America have gained order and tidiness from these 13 and 24 inch strips of magnetic organization

And they are pretty handy at organizing screwdrivers, wrenches and other small hand tools. But with 20 lb. of pull per inch, they can easily handle other heavier, larger garden items like shovels, picks and hoes. Putting away tools has never been so fast.

Magnetic Tool Holder

Not Just For Organizing Tools


Thinking beyond the garage, magnetic tool holders can be useful items in the indoor organizational struggle. When taken into the kitchen, magnetic tool holders can easily keep knives and other utensils within hand’s reach. Or use them to store spices when cabinet and counter space is minimal. Simply hang on the side of the refrigerator, under the cabinet, or inside a cabinet door and attach spices using metal canisters. Magnetic mount versions of the tool holder easily attach to any metal surface without tools.


Ever creative, crafters can creatively organize with magnetic tool holders and help corral those small items and embellishments that seem to pile up everywhere in a crafters space. By using tins, metal containers and jars with metal lids as small, uniform storage areas they easily attach to magnetic holders. As a bonus, install the tool holder where it will be seen, allowing items to be used. And it keeps them off of valuable table space.


In the bathroom, where counter space is at a premium and clutter is seems to multiply like bunnies, mount the small, six-inch magnetic tool holder inside a cabinet door to hold those little items like bobby pins, nail clippers, tweezers, and other metal items.  


Handyman Tutorial

Find our magnetic tool holders in hardware and home improvement stores across North America. With eight different styles, there is sure to be one perfect to help organize your project. If you are still unsure which to choose, please contact our Magnet Experts for more information.

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