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Magnets Make Great Stocking Stuffers

By Shalea Hardison

It’s that time of year to make your list and check it twice. Magnets make great stocking stuffers for that big kid on your list. Since we know a thing or two about magnets, we’ve put together this list of stocking stuffers sure to please. Since most of these magnets on our list retail for under $10, they won’t empty the wallet either.

Magnetic Stocking Stuffers

Magnetic Base with Attachments –

07596 Magnetic Base with Attachments

Consider this kit the multipurpose tool of magnets. This handy three-in-one kit lets the user choose which attachment to use with the powerful 35 lb pull magnet. The magnetic base with attachment set includes the magnetic round base, hook, eyebolt, bolt, and three nuts.

Super Magnets –

07045 - Neodymium Magnet

Aptly named, super magnets are the most power magnets available. Amazingly strong for their size, they possess a variety of uses (plus they look pretty good doing it). They are perfect for posting notes and pictures on white boards or fridges, are ideal for craft projects and just plain fun to have around. Pick up a few packages and create your own desk toys – they’ll be hard to put down! This product is not suitable for children.

Printable Magnets –


Printing Sheets

Let your gift recipient show off their favorite memories by printing their own photo magnets. This 10 pack of glossy printable magnetic sheeting prints photo quality images on inkjet printers.

Telescoping Pick- up Magnet –

Telescoping Magnet

A telescoping magnet is perfect stocking stuffer for those tinkerers on your list. This pocket-sized tool lengthens to lets the user retrieve small metal items from hard to reach areas. They’ll be amazed at how much strength it has and all the places they find to use it.

Screwdriver Magnetizer/Demagnetizer –

07524 - Magnetizer / Demagnetizer

A great addition to anyone’s tool kit is a screwdriver magnetizer/demagnetizer. Easily magnetize small tools to attract screws and nuts or demagnetize when working near sensitive mechanical or electrical or equipment.

Super-Size Stuffers

Pop 'n Catch

If you have a big stocking to fill, we suggest these two incredibly useful magnetic gifts.  A clever magnetic bottle opener, the Pop ‘n Catch is a fun gift that lets users pop the top on their favorite bottle beverage and catch the cap in one single-handed action. It magnetically mounts for easy portability on any steel surface like grills, metal coolers, tailgates, and refrigerators.

Or our selection of magnetic and screw mount tool bars allows anyone on your list to organize tools, knives and other metal items. With 30 lb. pull, objects remain securely attached until you remove them. Plus, they look great too.

If you want to stuff your stocking with these magnets, we recommend gifting them to adults and not children. We know magnets are fun, but they certainly pose dangers for kids. These magnets can be found at many local hardware and retail stores throughout North America. Buy these gifts at our retail partners’ stores or online (find our list of retailers here), or buy the Pop ‘n Catch online here.

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