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Why Thinner is Better for Magnetic Sheeting

By Shalea Hardison 

When evaluating magnetic sheeting, the industry standard has been that the thicker the magnet, the stronger the attraction. That is still the case with regular-strength sheeting. However, with advancing manufacturing technologies, thinner can be stronger, as proven with high-energy ThinFORCE™ printable magnetic sheeting.

ThinFORCE™ provides printers with a multitude of reasons why thinner is better, including:

  • Printers with head height limitations don’t have to worry about head strikes
  • Lighter weight makes rolls of sheeting easier to load on wide format printers and easier to work with in the print shop
  • At almost half the weight, the reduced drag through the printer improves feeding and wear and tear on the printer
  • Less weight increases profitability of each job because of the significant cost savings for shipping

ThinFORCE Flexible Material

Vehicle Graphics

In particular, thinner is better for magnetic vehicle graphics. Industry standards require 30 mil thickness of regular-strength flexible magnet for vehicle signs.This ensures the vehicle magnet remains securely attached to the car even at highway speeds.

However, ThinFORCE™ high-energy magnet provides the same strength in about half the thickness. This makes ThinFORCE™ the perfect choice to improve the profitability of their current magnetic car sign business operations.

Magnetic Vehicle Graphics


Engineered for indoor and outdoor applications, ThinFORCE™ prints with brilliant high-resolution color and clarity with solvent, eco-solvent, UV and latex inks. It cuts easily on router and plotter systems and is ideal for:

  • Magnetic vehicle graphics
  • Banners
  • Retail POP displays
  • Wall coverings

For more information about how thinner is better for magnetic sheeting, or samples of ThinFORCE™, contact our Magnet Experts at 800-525-3536. Our team can help you determine which magnetic sheeting best suits your application.

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