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Top Three Magnetic Gifts for Father’s Day

By Shalea Hardison

If your dad doesn’t need (or want) another tie this Father’s Day, we have some unique suggestions for Dad he’s sure to use.  Here are our top three picks that make pretty great magnetic gifts for Father’s Day.

1. The Organized Dad
The award-winning Magnetic ToolMat™ is a flexible magnetic mat designed for holding tools and small parts secure in the workshop, garage, or on the job site. Magnetic on both sides to attract to any flat or curved ferrous metal surface. It’s a mobile tool rack to keep your tools and parts with you while you’re working, helping you stay organized and work fast.


Magnetic Tool Mat

    2. The Auto Lover 
    – Got a dad who loves to work on his car? This gift suggestion is actually two great picks: the magnetic parts tray and retrieving magnets. Both are incredibly useful tools for car enthusiasts. The handy magnetic parts trays provide the perfect spot for corralling loose nuts, screws, and other small metal items while keeping them securely in reach.  These smooth stainless steel trays have powerful magnetic bases which secure the tray to any metal surface while firmly holding important metal pieces in the tray – even upside down. The retrieving magnets easily rescue dropped screws and bolts from small spaces. Add a few other necessities like leather wipes and car wash gift certificates and you’ve created a great car care gift kit.


    Magnetic Parts Tray

    3. The Handyman Organizer
    – For every dad who is a DIYer or hobbyist, magnetic tool bars makes a great addition to any workbench or hobby area. With 20 lb. of pull per square inch, these practical organizers keep Dad’s most used tools neatly organized and easily accessible.

    Available in multiple styles and lengths, there is sure to be a magnetic tool holder just perfect for Dad’s space. This makes a great gift with a few new hand tools that Dad may have his eye on!


    Magnetic Tool Bar


    These magnetic gift ideas for Dad can be found at many local hardware and retail stores throughout North America (Click here for a list of retailers) or buy online at magnetsource.com.

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