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Unique Magnetic P.O.P. Displays

By Shalea Hardison

If P.O.P. magnets conjure up images of white magnetic hooks holding ceiling signs or basic sign holding bases, you aren’t alone. While those are the work horses of the P.O.P. magnetic industry, we found some more unique magnetic P.O.P. displays that cast magnetic displays in a more exciting light.

Get your creative juices flowing with these examples:

Magnetic Suspension

If you’ve walked into a sporting goods store, then you’ve seen racks of oddly shaped items precariously stacked or haphazardly stored. One athletic equipment manufacturer created a unique magnetic P.O.P. display to feature its product by suspending it magnetically. In this case, the top of the display holds a small magnet. It attracts a metal ball that simply snaps into the top of the hockey stick. Customers and staff simply pull the stick away from the magnet to get a better look at the product.


P.O.P Display

Match the Retailer’s Brand

It’s likely you’ve seen knife and tool holders, but maybe not as a product display. For this retailer of high-end chef products, displaying knives on a magnetic tool holder made sense, but the traditional metal look didn’t quite match up with the retailer’s image. So they took the concept one step further by creating their own magnetic knife holders by wrapping magnet blocks in fabric and mounting them to a display case. The end result is an attractive merchandise display that accurately conveys the atmosphere of the store.


Knives in a Cabinet

Easy Accessibility

Of course, providing customers with the ability to sample or test products is an excellent way to increase sales. Some products can be challenging to present to customers in a visually appealing manner, while keeping the product accessible. This prominent personal product retailer incorporates magnets embedded in their samplers. The result is a clean, simple display that lets customers touch and smell their product. As an added bonus, testers are easily returned to their original locations keeping the display looking as beautiful as it smells.


P.O.P Display


In all these examples, there are two repeating themes. First, simplicity. Magnets are inherently simple to use, so both customers and staff understand how to work the display. No instructions, manuals, or training are needed.

Once you start looking, unique magnetic P.O.P. displays and merchandising pop up in surprisingly creative places.  Where have you seen one lately?

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