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Five Useful Magnets for Teachers in the Classroom

By Shalea Hardison

As teachers head back to the classroom, a variety of magnets make the grade helping teachers to hold, post, decorate, label, secure and even become the basis of memorable experiments. 

Taking a page from student supply lists, here’s our recommendation for five useful magnets for teachers. 

1.  Magnetic Pouches:

Keeping supplies organized and close at hand is easy with magnetic pouches . Store dry erase markers and erasers directly on white boards. The larger pouch can hold papers closeby for easy access. Deep pouches provide plenty of storage and powerful magnetism keeps these pouches in place. 


 Magnet Pouch

2. Chalkboard Magnets:

Using chalk might be decidedly old-school, but the look of a chalkboard is delightfully retro. Flexible chalkboard magnets provide fun magnetic options for teachers to post specific directions, honor student(s) of the month, or even point out unit specific learning terms. 


 Magnets for Classroom

3.   Magnetic Push Pins and Clips:

If the name of the game is posting, holding and organizing papers and other little details in a classroom, then magnets have it covered. Super powerful magnetic push pins have surprising holding power in a small, colorful package. These magnets for teachers are perfect for marking progress on reading charts or in/out boards.  Magnetic clips easily hold large packets of paper – without slipping or sliding.  


 Magnetic Clips For School

4.  Lockdown Magnets:

School security remains on the top of many educators’ minds. Quick Lockdown magnets offer a quick method of securing doors during an emergency situation. Just by using this unique magnet, teachers can lock their classrooms in seconds and keeps students safe in emergency situations.


Lockdown Magnets

5.  Magnets for STEM:

Teaching science, robotics or physics this year? Don’t forget the magnets! From basic magnetic concepts to the latest maglev and robotic technology, students love magnets and how they work. Stocking up on raw magnetic material can be as simple going to your local hardware store or contacting us for specific needs.


Ring Magnets On Pencil
Extra Credit 

Looking for a quick holiday craft that even little preschool hands can handle? Earn extra credit for the classroom with these simple craft magnets. Make any art project magnetic with flexible magnetic squares or strips with an adhesive peel off lining. Simply have students take a completed piece of artwork, such as a photo frame, and attach the self-adhesive flexible magnetic strip to the back. Voila – a completed magnetic gift with minimal hassle! 


Contact our Magnetic Solutions Specialists for more information about these magnets perfect for the classroom. Our seasoned professionals can help select the perfect magnet sure to earn an A+. 

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