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Magnet Source® Magnetic Sweepers

Provide Efficiency and Safety for Clearing Metal Debris


24" wide Push-type Magnetic Sweeper MFSM24RX by Magnet Source

Castle Rock, CO, June 21, 2021Magnetic floor sweepers are the right tool to safely and efficiently clear ferrous metal debris from areas of all sizes, both indoors and out. From the 13”-wide Mini Sweeper to the 96”-wide VersaSWEEP, the Magnet Source® brand of magnetic sweepers from Master Magnetics offers the most complete line of sweepers for every size job, ensuring quality, efficiency, and durability.

For garages, workshops, factory aisles, parking lots, roads, and all sizes of areas in between, Master Magnetics offers push, mount, hang and tow-style sweepers to get the job done effectively.

Features and Benefits of Magnetic Sweepers from Magnet Source
Magnet Source Push-type Magnetic Sweeper Line

Push Sweepers The push-type sweeper comes in nine different styles, both with and without release, for quick clean-up of small to medium-size areas. Ranging in width from 12 to 36 inches, these sweepers easily keep work areas safe and maintained.

Mount and Hang-type Magnetic Sweepers from Magnet Source

Mount and Hang Sweepers These sweepers include two eyebolts for mounting on forklift forks or to suspend with a chain from a vehicle. Powerful strength allows for quick and effective sweeping of large areas. Some models feature a quick-release handle for simple and safe release of collected material.

Master Magnetics Trailer-type Magnetic Sweepers

Tow/Trailer Sweepers Available in six or eight foot sweeping widths, these heavy-duty magnetic sweepers quickly clear tramp iron from streets, construction sites, runways and more. The heavy steel frame with adjustable hitch withstands the roughest conditions. This is the only model designed to operate at road speeds up to 50 mph between jobs, and up to 10 mph during sweeping. The trailer sweepers feature quick-release and collection trays.

VersaSWEEP 4-in-1 Magnetic Sweepers Family - Magnet Source Brand by Master MagneticsThe VersaSWEEP™ 4-in-1 Magnetic Sweeper can be used in four different configurations – tow, mount, hang and push - to quickly and easily clean up hazardous ferrous metal debris from indoor and outdoor traffic areas preventing costly injuries and repairs.

Available in sweeping widths from 48” to 96”, the VersaSWEEP works indoors or outdoors, over any terrain, and in any weather condition. The adjustable sweeping height allows for efficient cleaning of varying sizes of debris and varying terrain. The quick-release function makes clean-up fast and safe.

The 4-in-1 functionality of the VersaSWEEP is ideal for large facilities with a variety of area sizes. These include pushing for workshop/production/ warehouse aisles and small area cleanup; mount on forklifts for warehouse and larger indoor/outdoor areas; hang from a vehicle for parking lot, driveways and loading docks; tow-behind a vehicle for large outdoor areas such as parking lots, docks, and roads.

Video: Magnetic Nail Sweepers from Master Magnetics, Inc.

To view a video of the Magnet Source® family of magnetic sweepers in use and for more information on all Master Magnetics’ sweepers, visit magnetsource.com/sweepers or call 800 525-3536.


About Master Magnetics, Inc.

Founded in 1976, employee-owned and located in Castle Rock, Colo., Master Magnetics, Inc. manufactures and distributes all types of magnets and magnetic devices for commercial, consumer and industrial use. Backed by over 45 years of industry excellence, the Magnet Source® brand is a registered trademark of Master Magnetics, Inc. and represents exceptional quality, expertise and customer service. For more information, call 1-800-525-3536 or visit magnetsource.com.

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