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Master Magnetics Expands Its Product Line at NHS 2019

April 22, 2019

For more than 40 years, Master Magnetics Inc. (The Magnet Source®) has focused exclusively on magnets, providing a highly profitable line of magnetic products to retailers throughout North America.

New MMI LogoUnder the Magnet Source® brand, Master Magnetics offers 250-plus tri-lingual, retail-packaged magnetic products for the Hardware, Home Improvement, Automotive, Craft, Hobby, Office/School Supplies and Housewares categories.

In addition to an extensive product line, Master Magnetics’ retailer support and merchandising offerings are unrivaled in the industry, and include floor and countertop displays, planograms, in-store POP signage, website customer referrals, and product content for retailers’ websites.

This year, Master Magnetics is pleased to introduce and feature a variety of new magnetic products at the 2019 National Hardware Show, booth #7219. These new products add to Master Magnetics’ industry-leading, innovative line of retail-packaged magnets.

4-in-1 Magnetic Holding Arm

4-in-1 Magnetic ArmNo matter what the project may call for, the 4-in-1 Magnetic Holding Arm can lend you a helping hand. A heavy-duty, flexible arm attaches to a neodymium magnetic base, securely holding the magnet in place. The rubber-coated base is safe for all surface types. A second, smaller magnetic base holds the interchangeable mounting tools. Attachments include a spring clip, suction and clamp to hold notepads, flashlights, cell phones and more.

A 4”x5” metal plate with removable tape, 4 screws and 4 non-skid bumpers with adhesive is included for mounting on flat, non-ferrous surfaces.

Available in 4-piece counter display, sold per piece
Clamshell packaging
$39 MSRP

Magnetic Phone Mount Car Vent Attachments

Phone MountMount your mobile device to any vehicle air vent for hands-free operation while driving with the Magnetic Phone Mount. Powerful, neodymium magnets in the mounting plate securely hold your phone or other portable device in place for hands-free operation. A 3M VHB® adhesive secures the mounting plate to the back of your phone or phone case. The magnets will not harm the phone, GPS or other electronic devices.

Precision, swivel-ball technology in the base unit enables 360-degree adjust-ability, and is easy to use with just one hand. The mount can be set vertical, horizontal or any angle in between and is compatible with any air-vent angle.

Available in clamshell package, sold per piece
$8.26 MSRP

Phone Mount 3-in-1A second version, the Magnetic Phone Mount 3-in-1 includes a built-in seat belt cutter and glass breaker. In the event of an emergency, slide the belt cutter over the seat belt to free yourself, or strike the glass with the safety hammer facing the window.

Available in clamshell package, sold per piece
$12.68 MSRP

Cup Caddy™ Plus

Cup Caddy PlusThe Magnetic Cup Caddy™ Plus joins the Magnetic Cup Caddy™ as an efficient way to keep drinks, cans, spray paint, lubricant, small tools and more within reach. Powerful magnets attract to any ferrous surface including toolboxes, cabinets and even stationary vehicles.

The Cup Caddy™ Plus also features a 4” x 5” metal plate which can be mounted to non-ferrous surfaces with the included screws or adhesive.

Available in red or black, the Cup Caddy™ Plus is an easy way to keep necessary tools or drinks close at hand while working in your shop, garage, office or home.

Available boxed, sold per piece
$7.99 MSRP

Magnetic Key Caps™

Magnetic Key CapsConvert your keys into magnetic keys with attachable Magnetic Key Caps™. Made with neodymium, the strongest magnet material available, the durable elastic cap provides a secure, universal fit for all common entrance keys.

Simply insert any key into the magnetic key cap and to store or hide, place on a ferrous metal surface such as mail boxes, filing cabinets or more.

Available in two color combinations – red and black or blue and black – for easy color-coded access. The Magnetic Key Cap™ is safe for use around computers devices, transponder keys, smart phones and USB flash drives.

The key caps are patented by INTU-Keys™ and distributed by Master Magnetics.
Available in two-pack clamshell package in Blue/Black or Red/Black
$2.98 MSRP

Magnetic Key™

Magnetic KeyMagnetic Keys™ securely hold to all metal, ferrous surfaces such as door jambs, shelves, mailboxes and more. A neodymium ring magnet inserted into the key head holds the keys together, eliminating the need for a key ring.

Available in multiple colors to keep keys organized, the Magnetic Key™ is safe for use around computers devices, transponder keys, smart phones and USB flash drives.

The keys are patented by INTU-Keys™ and distributed by Master Magnetics.
Available in clamshell package, sold per piece
Styles: KW1 66; SC1 68; M1 69; WR5 67 / Colors: red, blue or black
$3.98 MSRP

Magnetic Multi-Lift

Magnetic Multi-liftQuickly and easily pick-up small metal, ferrous parts with powerful ceramic magnets encased in a durable, lightweight plastic housing. Ideal for quick and easy transfer of bulk metal pieces, including nails, screws, nuts and much more.

With a long 30-inch handle, this tool is perfect for picking up objects out of reach without having to bend over. A simple pull on the easy-grip handle releases the collected debris.

Available boxed, sold per piece
$28.50 MSRP

Magnetic Retrieving Magnet

Retrieving MagnetThis innovative magnetic tool can be bent and angled into crowded and congested small spaces to retrieve metal screws, nails and more.

  • The shielded sides won’t attract to a metal surrounding until the magnet is activated with a push of the easy-grip knob.
  • The heavy-duty flexible arm can snake through difficult or confined areas such as engine compartments, behind heavy equipment or shelving, down drains and more.
  • The thermoplastic handle and round knob are designed for comfort and a sturdy grip.

Available in Interactive “Try Me” package, sold per piece
$15.60 MSRP

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