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Master Magnetics Expands Line to Include Grade 42 Neodymium Magnetic Assemblies

March 23, 2016

Master Magnetics, Inc. (The Magnet Source®) introduces 21 new magnetic assemblies today. These grade 42, neodymium, rare earth magnetic assemblies with threaded bases or hooks provide a range of mounting and holding options for industrial and manufacturing industries.

Super Strong Round Base Magnets In Use


“We are excited to expand our line of magnetic assemblies,” said Jennifer Brown, chief operating officer at Master Magnetics. “They provide different choices for customers looking for smaller and stronger mounting options.”


The new offerings include:

All of these magnetic assemblies include grade 42 neodymium magnets, fabricated into a zinc-plated, shallow cup assembly, which is then magnetized to provide the strongest holding strength possible. They provide amazing strength in small size – ranging from 18 - 175 pounds of pull with the largest assembly no bigger than 1.89 inches in diameter. 

Grade 42 Neodymium MagnetsUse these industrial strength assemblies to hold or mount tools, equipment, lights, exhibit fixtures, and other items in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, garages, workstations, and areas where a strong, small attachment is needed.

These assemblies will be on display at MODEX booth 2354.

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