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New On/Off Magnetic Welding Squares Join Product Offerings

Aug. 15, 2017

The new family of On/Off magnetic welding squares from Master Magnetics (the Magnet Source®) gives welders the ability to decrease their prep time without sacrificing holding accuracy and reliability.  

On/Off Welding SquaresJoining an existing line of welding magnets and grounds, these three new On/Off magnetic welding squares provide additional flexibility during pre and post-welding by allowing the user to determine when to engage the magnet.

Welding magnets are one of the most useful devices we offer,” said Jennifer Brown, chief operating officer at Master Magnetics. “We’re happy to provide another option that lets welders perform quality work, safely and accurately.”

Simple and Powerful

On/Off Welding SquaresEasy to use, just place these extremely powerful neodymium on/off magnets on two mating steel surfaces to accurately position material for welding. A simple push of the handle allows users to turn the handle to the ‘on’ position and secure it for working. A reverse turn disengages the magnet and allows for safe storage.

On/Off magnetic welding squares provide users with:

  • Fast set-up
  • Accurate and powerful holding
  • Holding on flat or round stock
  • Pre-tapped holes on all sides for versatile mounting

Although not used for lifting, the pull of these magnets ranges between 150 and 1000 pounds on flat stock. Users can feel confident these welding magnets will securely hold material during welding.

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