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New Rubber Coated Neodymium Magnetic Assemblies Provide Strength and Versatility

July 5, 2016

Rubber-Coated Neodymium MagnetsSix new products joined Master Magnetics’ robust magnetic assemblies product line the company announced today. The new rubber-coated magnetic assemblies feature male or female threads in order to accommodate a range of holding applications.

Each magnetic assembly features powerful neodymium magnets affixed to a flat steel disc and coated by a black protective rubber coating to prevent surface scratches. Ranging in pull strength from 20 to 105 pounds, these powerful assemblies are available in three sizes in both male and female threaded models.

Rubber-Coated Neodymium MagnetsThese round base magnetic assemblies are ideal for holding or mounting lights, equipment, exhibit fixtures, tools, and other items in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, garages, workstations, and other areas where a strong low-profile magnet is needed.

    Powerful Neodymium Magnets
    These rare earth magnetic assemblies provide superior holding strength in a compact size

    Rubber Coating
    The black rubber coating protects against magnet corrosion, surface scratches and provides higher slip resistance.

    SAE Threaded
    Pre SAE tapped and threaded accommodates a range of standard fasteners and attachments

    Temperature Resistant
    These assemblies feature an operating temperature of up to 175 degrees F

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