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New ThinFORCE™ Provides Thinner, Stronger Magnetic Sheeting

A Winning Combination of Light Weight and Superior Strength

September 27, 2017

New ThinFORCE™ high-energy magnetic sheeting is the latest advancement in printable magnetic sheeting from Master Magnetics.

ThinFORCEEngineered for indoor and outdoor applications, ThinFORCE™ provides exceptional magnetic strength in a thinner and lighter magnetic material. ThinFORCE™ prints with brilliant high-resolution color and clarity, cuts easily on router and plotter systems and is ideal for magnetic vehicle graphics, banners, retail POP displays, wall coverings and applications where lightweight printable magnetic sheeting is needed.

Ideal for Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle GraphicsIndustry standards require 30 mil thickness of regular-strength flexible magnet for vehicle signs. ThinFORCE™ high-energy magnet provides the same strength in about half the thickness. Printers with head height limitations, can now benefit from the significant time and cost savings of printing direct to magnet, opening up a new stream of business, or enhancing the profitability of their current magnetic vehicle sign business operations.

Additionally, the lighter weight of ThinFORCE™, nearly half in comparison to similar widths and lengths of regular 30 mil magnetic sheeting, make it easier to work with in the print shop while loading and unloading, as well as when feeding through the printer. An important quantifiable benefit of less weight is the increased profitability of each job because of the significant cost savings for shipping.

Multiple Material Options

Designed for printing with UV, solvent, eco-solvent and latex ink systems, ThinFORCE™ is available in standard sizes of 24 and 48 inch widths, and 50 foot lengths. Custom cutting and slitting are available.

Flexible MaterialAvailable with printable surfaces of vinyl – gloss white (on a 3 inch core) or  coated – matte white (4 inch core) and also offered with a backside coating for media advance systems, such as HP’s OMAS (optical media advance sensor) or Epson’s precision media feeding system, for precise motion control of the media advance between print swaths. The coating allows the sensor to read the backside of the magnetic sheeting, optimizing advancement through the printer.

For more information visit magnetsource.com/ThinFORCE or call 800.525.3536.

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