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Welding Magnets Add Ease and Safety to Projects

ON/OFF Welding Angle to Join Offerings in First Quarter

Castle Rock, Colo., Jan. 19, 2016 - Welding magnets from Master Magnetics, Inc. (The Magnet Source®) provide a safe and secure method of work holding for a variety of welding applications.

Designed to keep both hands free to safely work on the project at hand, welding magnets provide an ideal fast and accurate set up. Strong magnets securely hold metal objects in place for perfectly aligned edges.

“Welding magnets are one of the most useful devices we offer,” said Jennifer Brown, Vice President at Master Magnetics. “They provide that third hand for welders, leaving them free to perform quality work, safely and accurately.”

Master Magnetics provides a range of magnetic devices for welders from angles to grounds, all designed with safety and quality in mind.

Welding Angle Magnets

Available in both a protractor and arrow style, these two models give welders the popular fixed welding angles needed for many projects. The arrow model covers 45, 90 and 135 degree welding angles and the protractor model covers 30, 45, 60, 75 and 90 degree angles. These permanent magnets both feature a strong 50 lbs. pull rating, ensuring the welding angles keep a tight grip on the metal.

For projects requiring a varying range of angles, the Adjustable Welding Angle allows for flexibility beyond the fixed angles of the protractor and arrow. Users simply loosen the nuts and position the magnet as needed. Powerful magnets are mounted in a stainless steel housing for a durable, quality tool.

Adjustable Welding Angle

NEW! ON/OFF Welding Angle

Joining the Master Magnetics welding magnets offerings in the first quarter of 2016, is a Dual ON/OFF Welding Angle. This fixed, 90 degree angle features two independent ON/OFF switches, which activate the magnets when the work pieces are setup. Once welding is complete, the magnets are turned to the OFF position for quick removal. Ideal for use on either flat or round surfaces. Their surface is easily wiped clean when the magnet is switched to the OFF position.

Dual On/Off Welding Angle

Magnetic Welding Ground

Weld safely with a magnetic welding ground. Their strong gripping power holds securely to ferrous metal work, providing a positive ground for welding applications. It’s ideal for pipe that regular grounding clamps cannot grab. The copper stud provides 800 amps and is spring loaded to keep constant contact with the metal surface. The handle rotates a full 360 degrees, providing full access to the welding area, for a clean, safe weld.

Magnetic Welding Ground

About Master Magnetics

Founded in 1976 and located in Castle Rock, Colorado, Master Magnetics, Inc. manufactures and distributes all types of magnets and magnetic devices for commercial, consumer and industrial use. The Magnet Source® brand is a trademark of Master Magnetics, Inc. and represents exceptional quality, expertise and customer service. For more information, call 1-800-525-3526 or visit magnetsource.com.

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